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Volume 3August 2016

Editor's Message

ALA 2016 and Beyond

by Robbin Dolan, CLM

ALA has continued to make some big changes in how the organization operates, how they deliver educational services to membership, and in their strategy for growth in the face of declining membership.  The organization is certainly not sitting back and waiting for the future to arrive.  They are being proactive and developing and executing on a strategic plan that meets their mission and goals, and ensures continued success ..... READ MORE

Upcoming Event:  Regional Conference East (Regions 1 and 2)

September 8-10, 2016

Boston, MA

Law Firms Should Consider Instituting Telecommuting Policies

By Kenneth A. Rosenberg and Asad Rizvi

With the rapid advances in mobile technology, telecommuting has gained popularity in recent years throughout the business community and the legal profession.  Gone are the days when law firm employees have to sit at their desks to draft legal documents, conduct legal research, or to participate in meetings and teleconferences.  It is hard to ignore that tablets, smart phones, remote access software, web based databases, and various other communication platforms have transformed the way people live, work, and play.  ... READ MORE

What Would You Do?

By Elli Albert

For this feature, each issue of the Jer-Z-Journal will pose a scenario that could occur in the law firm.  Members were surveyed and asked how they might respond if faced with the particular situation. All responses, whether serious, sarcastic, or humorous, were encouraged.  All responses are confidential.

Scenario: You have heard that one of your employees is bashing management and the firm on Facebook.  You don’t have access to that employee’s Facebook page.  In order to confirm the rumor, you would have to make one of your other employees a stoolie.  WHAT WOULD YOU DO? ... READ MORE

3 Ways to Incorporate Sensory Marketing in Business Development

By Anne Itri, Regional Sales Manager, ALL-STATE LEGAL

The rise in digital communication has created an increase in the availability of channels with which to communicate such as websites, apps, email, social media, and blogs. However, due to the sheer amount of ways we have to communicate with clients, many are becoming less effective at reaching their audience. Sensory marketing can be easily incorporated into your business development plan to increase audience participation with your content and your firm. 
What is Sensory Marketing?
Aradhna Krishna, a pioneer in sensory marketing research, defines it as marketing that engages the consumers' senses.......READ MORE

Taking It On The Chin (Literally)

By Michelle Cohen

Hello fellow NJALA peeps!  This installment of “wellness today” comes from a personal experience that I fear many of us have (or will) experience…..

I woke up one morning with numbness and tingling in my right hand—only the thumb and the next two fingers.  Thought I slept funny.  I also felt sharp pain in the back of my right shoulder.  I knew it could not have been from exercise because, ahem, maybe I don’t do that so often….Ever experience this?  Turns out it is VERY COMMON and a combo of many things. What are the top tier instigators?


3 Document Management Tips for the 21st Century Law Firm

By Richard Hugo-Hamman

If you have the determination to move your firm into the 21st century here are 3 practical tips that I can share from the law firms I have visited.
1. Incoming documents
Today most correspondence arrives electronically. It should be easy for you to associate every incoming document with the correct matter. Some systems remember the matter that the email thread belongs to and will automatically route them into the correct matter. But even where that is not the case, it should be easy for you to find the correct matter and add the email and attachments to the correct matter in a single easy workflow.

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