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Volume 4October 2016

President's Message

Conversations and IDEAs

by Doreen Marino, PHR, SHRM-CP

It’s that time of year—the last quarter—where we all seep into an abyss of deadlines, details, and paperwork.  Don’t forget to close the books.  The happiest time of the year is, for most of us, the most stressful time of the year.  This time of year I would like to take the opportunity to send out a couple of reminders:

  1.  Conversations and inquiries about compensation:  We are not permitted, as an Association, to conduct any form of personal 

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Don't Miss the November Meeting:Conducting Workplace Investigations

November 15, 2016

Highlawn Pavilion

Insights on Year-End Tax Planning for Law Firms

By Timothy Brennan, CPA, MST and Kenneth E. Winslow, CPA

Professional services firms seeking to maximize tax benefits through 2016 year-end tax planning may want to consider general strategies as well as those specific to law firms. Although every firm is unique, the following insights may be helpful in your preparation.    ... Click Here to READ MORE

Avoiding Device Failure and Reducing Downtime

By Kevin Green

When it comes to managing your print services, you don’t want downtime or to be inconvenienced.  Most importantly, you don’t want to keep your customers waiting.  You simply want your device to work.  In a normal service environment, when a device breaks, you call a technician and he or she comes to fix it.  You’re reacting to a situation and most likely you’ll have to wait at least a few hours—or worse, sometimes days.  This scenario arises because the device isn’t being monitored, or because there’s no automation involved.  The result?  Everything becomes a fire drill, an emergency, and chaos prevails.... Click Here to READ MORE

NJ Law Firms Falling Victim to Ransomware

By Rashaad Bajwa
            It has been estimated that at least 300 law firms in New Jersey have been hit by Cryptolocker or other variants of ransomware in the last 18 months. These vary from small solo practitioners to some of the larger firms in the state. Considering that the vast majority of breaches in NJ are still not reported, this number is staggering. Many law firms have not kept pace with the bad guys in securing their networks, and unfortunately many have become victims.

           Just last week we had to assist a local NJ law firm that came to us after struggling for a week on their own to recover from a ransomware attack.
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Why Hosted PBX is the Key to Your Law Firms Success

By Jarrett Wolfe

Good communication is an essential key to a successful case. When lawyers and clients interact, the clearest conversations can turn up the most accurate facts.

While new methods for professional conversations continue to emerge, the telephone still prevails over email or texting when it comes to learning client stories and understanding their needs. As modern communication shows no sign of slowing down, today’s law firms should understand their most important needs and choose the best technology for their business....
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The beginning of FLU SEASON!

By Michelle Cohen

This strikes fear in the hearts of many of us Legal Administrators.  The calling out sick.  The fear of the Paralegal by the water cooler sniffing and looking a bit pale and unwell.  Fear of touching any surface or speaking to anyone that doesn’t seem 100% healthy—remember when?  It was only a little over a year ago—and it happens EVERY YEAR! And we always say “Hmm…maybe I should add a line in the staff meeting encouraging everyone to get a flu shot?  Should I?” The answer is a resounding...YES!!  Here are some facts on “The Flu Shot: 2016-2017,” adapted/shared from the CDC website (because I am not a doctor!).  ... Click Here to READ MORE

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