Imagine you throw a dinner party for a group of your friends. When they get to the house, every room is lit up, and strings of lights illuminate the yard. On every surface there are large plates, and at the center of each plate is a small morsel of food.

"Well," you say, proudly, gesturing expansively, "here's dinner. I have all these plates, and such a big house, so I thought I'd better make the most of it. Dig in!"

Sounds a bit screwy, eh? Wouldn't it be better to just fill a single plate for each person and serve it to them at the table? Making them hunt all over the place to scrape together a filling meal is mad.

But when we start to get serious about communicating with people – as a parish or an organization or even as individuals – we often make a mistake very similar to this. We see all the available channels and we think that it's important to be active in each of them. Instagram, Facebook, a blog, a Youtube channel, &c. We want to reach as many people as possible and so we rack up accounts on various services like we're collecting Halloween candy.

This is starting from the wrong end. When you attempt to use every available medium, you're almost certainly doomed to spread your content too thin, and make it more difficult for those who are interested to keep up with you. Very quickly you'll find making your social networking rounds a dolorous chore.

Instead – start with the meal and figure out the best way to serve it. It's OK to ask your guests to come to the table for dinner, even if they happen to be drifting around the living room. If what you have is of sufficient quality, people will share it wherever they happen to hang out, but you don't have to join them there.

The key isn't to blindly throw little morsels to the four winds and hope that enough lands on people's laps to make it worth your while – it's to focus your energy into creating and polishing something to a standard that it attracts people and makes them want to bring it to their friends.

Whatever you have to share – whether it's homilies, catechesis, or even just your thoughts – pick your nicest plate and serve it on that.

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