The Coach House has continued to bump with events, seminars and other working group activities all semester. Below you will find some updates from our working groups and news of other upcoming events when we return in January! But first, we are thrilled to share and highlight a major publication out of the McLuhan Centre this fall.

-- Sarah Sharma (December 2019)

Issue No 44.4 Many McLuhans or None at All guest-edited by our Director Sarah Sharma.

Read her editorial introduction and access the journal here.

This special issue of CJC is based on the Many McLuhans Symposium at the McLuhan Centre for Culture and Technology that celebrated and marked the designation of the Marshall McLuhan Library held at the University of Toronto and the McLuhan Archives held at the Library and Archives Canada into the UNESCO Memory of the World Register. The event was organized and sponsored by the Library Archives of CanadaThe McLuhan Centre for Culture and Technology at the Faculty of Information, and the Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library.


Guest Editorial: Many McLuhans or None at All
Sarah Sharma
Reading over McLuhan's Shoulder
John Durham Peters
Reading McLuhan Reading Ulysses
Alan Galey
The McLuhan-Innis Field: In Search of Media Theory
Liam Cole Young
The (Black) Elephant in the Room: McLuhan and the Racial
Armond Towns
Distributed Intelligence: Silk-Weaving and the Jacquard Mechanism
Ganaele Langlois
McLuhan and Posthumanism: Extending the Techno-Animal Embrace
Jody Berland
Flash, Spirit, Plex, Stretch: A Trans-Disciplinary View of the Media Sensorium
Rhonda N. McEwen



On December 5, Dr. Jodi Dean presented the inaugural Franklin Lecture: Communism or Neofeudalism? at Innis Town Hall. The establishment of the new annual Franklin Lecture series celebrates the 30-year anniversary of Ursula Franklin’s Massey Lecture. Several key departments/centres joined together to recognize Franklin’s continued, and profound, influence on theories of technology and society, feminism, and community justice. We recognize Ursula Franklin as part of the Toronto School of Communication Tradition that includes such thinkers as Marshall McLuhan and Harold Adams Innis.

The Franklin Lecture is a collaborative venture between Innis College's Writing & Rhetoric Program, OISE's Department of Social Justice Education, the McLuhan Centre for Culture and Technology, the Knowledge Media Design Institute, and the Centre for the Study of the United States.

Images: (above) Dr. Jodi Dean (lower left) audience at the Franklin Lecture at Innis Town Hall (lower right) Dr. Jodi Dean leading a university-wide grade seminar for her new book Comrade (2020) at the McLuhan Centre.


The Winter Monday Night Seminars return on January 27 on the topic of Cancel Culture with guests Beverly Bain (University of Toronto) Cheryl Thompson (Ryerson), Christine Shaw (Blackwood Gallery, UTM), Sarah Hagi (Freelance writer), and Dana Seitler (Director of SDS, University of Toronto). The entire schedule will be announced in the new year but you can mark your calendars for MNS eves on January 27, February 10, February 24, March 9, March 23, and April 6.

See pictures below from this past season of seminars with: Jayna Brown, Steven Jackson, Sophie Lewis, Sandy Stone, Cassius Adair, Yuri Furuhata, Mél Hogan, Chris Russill, and Skawennati.

Images (left to right): Row 1: Jayna Brown, Steven Jackson. Row 2: Sophie Lewis, Sandy Stone + Cassius Adair. Row 3: Sandy Stone, Yuri Furuhata. Row 4: Mél Hogan, Chris Russill. Row 5: Skawennati, Sarah Sharma.

On November 8, The Content and It's Discontents hosted a conversation on Capture & Consent: Images and Stories in Digital Research Culture with Jennifer Wemigwans, Max Liboiron, Zack Marshall, and Simona Ramkisson.
This event was co-sponsored with the Digital Research Ethics Collaboratory

Digital Islamophobia published a conference report in the Feminist Media Studies Journal that covers their event, Transnational Feminism in a Time of Digital Islamophobia held at the Centre on March 8. The working group is in the process of turning the research from this symposium into a special issue edited by Yasmin Jiwani, Zeinab Farokhi and other members of the working group.

Reprising the Real World of Technology has created the Ursula Franklin Reading Group consisting of students from the Faculty of Information and International & Critical Development at UTSC. The students: Monica Henderson, Katie Mckinnon, Kanishka Sikri, Saman Goudarzi, Yasmin McDowell, and Stephanie Fielding are reading and discussing Franklin's The Real World of Technology from an intersectional and cross-disciplinary standpoint, while also weaving in findings from the UofT Archives.


FEBRUARY 14, 2020
More Than Consent: Practices and Protocols for Techno-Worlds
A public conversation hosted by The Consent and Its Discontent Working Group and the Technoscience Salon featuring: Joshua Whitehead, Dr. Uahikea Maile, Marie Laing, and other guests.

MARCH 13, 2020
LOGOUT! 2: Workers Confronting Digital Capitalism
Building on the success of the 2018 edition, Log Out! 2 brings together critical research on how workers from different sectors of digital capitalism across the world confront, negotiate, and disrupt the technologically-mediated conditions of work that structure and mediate their lives. Invited speakers include: Jack Qiu, Sareeta Amrute, and Jamie Woodcock.
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