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Revealing 3D anatomy with lightsheet microscopy
Get a behind-the-scenes look at the lightsheet microscopy capabilities at the Wyss Center, as well as some of the collaborative work with EPFL and the University of Geneva. 
Wireless data transmission from the brain
ABILITY, the Wyss Center’s implantable brain-computer interface system, aims to restore movement and communication for people with disabilities. One of the engineering challenges is wirelessly transmitting data from the implant through the skin to the outside of the body. Read about our solution in this latest update
Welcome to our new staff
Maxim Andersen, MSc
Software Engineer in Neuroengineering Applications
Jerôme Gandar, PhD
Project Manager – VascuSAFE Project
Arnaud Herbert, MSc
Wireless Systems Electrical Engineer
Farah Mathres, MSc
Janir Ramos da Cruz, PhD
Data Scientist
Jules Scholler, PhD
Software Engineer in Bioimaging
Recent publications by our team and collaborators
February 2021
JAMA Neurology
Seizure cycles in focal epilepsy, Leguia, M.G., Andrzejak, R.G., Rummel, C. et al.
January 2021
January 2021
Chaos: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Nonlinear Science
Measuring synchrony in bio-medical timeseries, Leguia, M.G., Rao, V.R., Kleen, J.K., et al.
January 2021
Nature Communications
January 2021
Scientific Reports
January 2021
Scientific Data
January 2021
Mass generation, neuron labeling, and 3D imaging of minibrains, Govindan, S., Batti, L., Osterop, S., et al. 
December 2020
Clinical Neurophysiology practice
Under-sampling in epilepsy: limitations of conventional EEG, Baud, B.O., Schindler, K., Rao, V.R.
December 2020
The Lancet

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