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Laberge Group Findings—22% tax increase to return to Town or a  200%–400% tax increase to stay a Village—State threatens take over if “Tax Neutrality” insanity remains

The Laberge group from Albany were hired buy the board of trustee with a grant from New York State to determine the financial realities and actual costs to remain a village or return to the town and presented their findings to the public last week at the High School.

Their findings revealed that to stay a village would require a 208% village tax increase per household to bring our general budget to around $7 million up significantly from our current “tax neutral” budget of around $4 million. Now this doesn’t include a “capital” budget to do our roads, clean drain pipes, equipment purchases, marina/shorefront repair and maintenance, grant “buy-ins” etc. These crucial services(we have 84 miles of paved roads, 6 miles of shoreline and one marina) will add on another $2- to $3-million bringing the reality of running a FULLY FUNCTIONING village municipality to 400% over its current “tax neutral” status.

At this meeting, ironically enough, was a representative from the NYS Dept. of State who informed those attending that if the village pursued a course of fiscal irresponsibility, such as ‘tax neutrality” and the continuation of failure to provide basic services as required by law, then the state will step in and take over the same way they do with school districts, fire departments, libraries, etc.

One resident got up and reminded the board that should the board continue to fail to provide these services that the residents can, and will, sue the board to force them to sweep the streets and provide other mandated services that they currently are ignoring pursuing the “idiocy” of “tax neutrality”.

Now conversely, to return to the town will result in a 22% increase in your current village tax and you will start to immediately receive the services you are currently paying for and not receiving. Now, if you look at the fact that the village has been in existence for 6 years and never raised taxes you can see that if we had remained with the town our taxes would have risen just under 4% year without the insanity we have all suffered from the incompetence and corruption of this village government.

A 2-4% yearly raise in taxes is what the village should have done since the beginning. If the new board consisting of the “Tweedles” (Tweedle-Dee, Tweedle-Dum and Tweedle-Dumber), had passed Mayor Spery’s budget with a 125% tax increase then we wouldn’t be at this point right now. The village would have had enough money to “limp” along and survive while Mayor Spery offered her “head on a platter” as a political “sacrifice” and would certainly have lost the next election. The “Tweedles” would have then reigned supreme guided by “Supreme Leader for Life”  “Benito” Fugarino and his Pattersquash Creek fascists.

But no, their choice wasn't to make this village great again, they chose to humiliate, blame and drive Mayor Spery from office with a tax neutral budget that forced dozens of good honest people to lose their jobs, and the rest of us to lose our basic and mandated services.

They thought Mayor Spery would “turn tail” and “cut and run” like her former “feckless” predecessors but the Mayor stayed, much to their chagrin, and the village was “gutted”.  

This village is about to be dissolved all because one group chose vengeance over common sense and decency. Talk about karma.

So this Wednesday, your choice is simple. Pay $50–$100 to go back to the town and end the hatred, corruption and incompetence of this village government or pay a total $1,500–$2,500 per household to continue the fighting, lack of services and general insanity. 

Choose to vote “YES” to Dissolve on Wednesday November 16th at the Mastic Beach Firehouse from noon until 9pm.

End the insanity now!
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