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Bob Miller, Fred Krage, Vic Viola get Crier endorsement

Johnson/Snyder declare Mayoral/Trustee Run

Anderson declares self as “write in” Candidate

Fugarino invokes spirit of “Rodney King” and calls for a “Can’t We All Just Get Along” Moment—and the “Band Plays On”!


On March 21st will be our final and most important Village elections. These elections will determine who will “guide” us back to Brookhaven. One important change is that the Village elections will be held at Village Hall and NOT the Firehouse!!!!!!!

There are several reasons why this election is so important, one being to put a board in place that will start liquidating assets and not spend money on municipal projects that benefit a few cronies at taxpayer expense. Another reason is that we will not be back to Brookhaven until the end of 2017 and that leaves eight months of FULL MUNICIPAL POWER for “less than competent” candidates to continue to cause detrimental carnage to our tax base by starting municipal projects benefitting their friends. So let’s take a look-see at what each candidate offers.

The Dissolve Party: Bob Miller for Mayor, Fred Krage and Victor Viola for Trustees

Bob Miller is the only one who can be trusted to dissolve the village in an expedient way that benefits the residents and not himself. Consider that all the other candidates wore “Save the Village” shirts and did everything in their power to inhibit Bob Miller from representing the people with an honest vote. It is ludicrous to think a “leopard” can change his spots and these other candidates will do the “will of the people” after doing so much damage in so short a period of time.

Chris Anderson

A student of the “Biondi” way of “governance”, Chris has decided to offer his constituents the opportunity to cast their votes for him by “write-in” which makes no sense for a sitting incumbent to do. But it does make sense when you realize that in spite of his “Facebook” presence Chris is “unsure” of his ability to get 100 valid signatures to get on the ballot. Another reason is money. Chris would have to fund the campaign himself and already owing over $90,000 in judgements and tax liens does not bode well for someone’s ability to finance a campaign by themselves. Also by running as a “write-in” Chris can avoid being questioned or having to make statements about what he would do in the final eight months of the village. (What would he do?) He can “lurk in the shadows” like a wraith and wait for his supporters to write him in. (P.S. at this time we still do not know if Chris wants you to write him in as Trustee or Mayor he has only declared himself a write-in.)

Joe Johnson/Mayor - Anne Snyder Trustee

Let’s see now, these two “buddies” along with Mr. Anderson passed a devastating frivolous “tax-neutral” budget in order to satisfy their “Patron”, Frank Fugarino of the Pattersquash Creek Civic Association. This budget devastated the village and caused it’s destruction in just six months following Mr. Johnson’s election. This demonstrates an extreme lack of competent judgement. But now they both claim to have had an “epiphany” to do the “will of the people” and want to “shepherd” us back to Brookhaven. I don’t have to go into detail about how awful this choice would be because there is much worse to disclose. Joe Johnson has stated that if elected Mayor he will appoint Alan Chasinov as his replacement to fill out his term on the board.

Mr. Chasinov is a horrific choice. He ran for Trustee in 2011 and came in last because he disparaged the needs of a “special needs” child at a public village meeting. He then became the President of the Mastic Beach Property Owners Assn. and was driven out by the membership after less than 100 days in office for harassing the newly widowed wife of the former president and ridiculing a member whose 6-year-old child was stricken with cancer. His next act was to “latch” onto Gail Cappiello where he was “rewarded” with a job as the “Village Communications Director” for which he had no qualifications, filed no resume, bypassed the civil service requirements and was paid $18 an hour. As you can guess he didn’t last long there either and next latched himself onto Frank Fugarino, then the “New Wave” party and now at his last stop—Joe Johnson/Anne Snyder.

This is reason enough not to vote for the Johnson/Snyder ticket. But in addition, you may remember that one of Mr. Johnson’s campaign promises was that “stick docks” opposite a home should become the property of the homeowner which is an outrageous transfer of public property into the hands of several dozen homeowners. Guess who wants a “stick dock” opposite their house? Right again! Frank Fugarino and many members of the Pattersquash Creek Civic Assn of which Mr. Johnson is a member.

The Village Crier Endorsement

On March 21st at Village Hall from noon until 9 p.m. The Village Crier asks that you vote for Bob Miller, Fred Krage and Vic Viola from the Dissolve Party and let the candidates who truly represent the will of the people dissolve this village and finish the will of the people.

Response to Frank Fugarino's South Shore Press Letter to the editor

In closing, I would like to address Mr. Fugarino’s recent letter to the South Shore Press admonishing me to:

  1. Tone down my newsletter;
  2. Stop sending it to people who don’t want it and;
  3. Can we have peace?

My answer to Mr. Fugarino's pleas:
  1. The tone of my newsletter is set by how outrageous the actions are of whom I’m writing about. I speak the truth as I see it and in many cases, the truth is very painful. Frank, for someone who spent the last eight years slandering me, and lying about Brookhaven, I find your first request puzzling.
  2. The Mastic Beach Village Crier has just under 2,000 SUBSCRIBERS. We only send the Crier to those who subscribed or who were signed up by having the email forwarded by a subscriber. At the bottom of each email newsletter, there is an “unsubscribe” button should you decide you no longer wish to receive The Crier. The choice is yours. On average, 75%-80% of the emails we send out are opened. When the village exists no more, we will report on the Town.
  3. But let me address his last request in all dead seriousness. There are two ways to obtain peace. One way will come automatically when the village ceases to exist and no one has the power to target residents they may dislike. However, if I had spent the last year saying slanderous and untrue things about the Town of Brookhaven, the M.B.P.O.A. and other individuals in our community, then got my “head handed to me” in the elections, and was TRULY a community leader who wanted peace... then I would do this. Write a letter to the South Shore Press containing the following:
  • An apology to Brookhaven. It could go something like this, “To the Town Council, I apologize for releasing information that I thought was factual but turned out to be untrue and unflattering. I didn’t research or disseminate the information properly. Signed Frank Fugarino, President of Pattersquash Creek Civic Association.” Easy, simple, done. This might be a good way to resurrect yourself and benefit your membership and the community.
  • An apology to M.B.P.O.A. “I, Frank Fugarino apologize to the leadership, directors, and membership of the M.B.P.O.A. for the hostile actions I have taken against the Association and any individual members I have harmed in doing so.” Easy, simple, done, good leadership.
  • Finally, endorse Bob Miller and the Dissolve Team. Since over 1,900 people voted to dissolve this Village, respect the wishes of the people and endorse the Dissolve Team. Don’t divide the electorate bring it together. Good leadership requires hard sacrifices! Step up to the plate or go back to the showers.

To my readers:
We celebrate the “Crier’s” 6th year in circulation and look forward to topping the 2,000 subscriber mark.

God Bless you all!

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