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Yes my friends, the battle for Mastic Beach Village is still not over (as predicted). Mr. Fugarino and his Pattersquash Creek “Un-Civic” Assn. are doing all they can to usurp the “will of the people” and overturn the village vote!!!!

As The Crier reported previously, this can be done by gathering 2,000 legitimate signatures in 45 days after the “Dissolution Plan” has been voted on. By electing a corrupt and unscrupulous Mayor—who then will appoint a corrupt and unscrupulous clerk—the “corrupt” clerk will be in sole charge of validating the 2,000 phony signatures on the phony petition. With an approved phony petition submitted, there will be ANOTHER village vote for what is essentially a “do-over” to keep the village. 

Now, this can be easily avoided by getting out the vote on March 21st at VILLAGE HALL (not the firehouse) and voting for the Dissolve Party Team of Bob Miller for Mayor and Fred Krage and Vic Viola for Trustees. These are the only people you can trust to exercise the will of the people and bring us back into Brookhaven by negotiating the best deal for our residents.


Conversely, Mr. Fugarino has rescinded his plea to “just get along” and he has put together his “Resident’s Unity Party” which is more commonly referred to as the “Save the Village Revival Party” consisting of Chris Anderson for Mayor, Chris Ricciardi and Diana Soladano for Trustees. The sole purpose of running this troupe is to bring back the village at any cost.

To that point, we have already had eye-witness reports of this group collecting “undated” petition signatures well in advance (by at least a month) of when they legally can have residents sign to submit a petition to force ANOTHER referendum vote. Of course these petitions will later be dated after the actual deadline but nothing as trivial as the law “stops” Mr. Fugarino or his group. But let’s take a deeper look at the “ne'er-do-well's” on the ballot.

Chris Anderson
Question: Where else but Mastic Beach Village can Chris Anderson, an Eastport transplant, someone arrested for auto theft, who owes nearly $100,000 in judgements and to his company's vendors, run for Mayor as a serious candidate? Answer: There isn't any other place.

Chris Anderson, in my opinion, is the perfect pick for all those desiring someone unscrupulous and corrupt to revive the village at any cost for his “master” Mr. Fugarino. Chris Anderson has, time-and-again, shown detrimentally poor judgement by “gutting” the village budget which ultimately led to dissolution. He has never in his two-years as trustee proposed a resolution (until last month). He, as your elected representative, constantly abstains against doing the business of the Village, voting goes against the interest of the residents and all logic. This is the man you want to run the village for eight months with full municipal power?!

Chris Ricciardi
Then we have Fugarino’s “right hand” man and Vice President of the Pattersquash Creek Civic Assn., Chris Ricciardi, who is also running for trustee. Chris was initially “rewarded” with a village job as the Deputy Clerk! The man had absolutely no qualifications to hold such a position but that doesn't matter, unqualified cronyism is the way Fugarino rolls. Actually, about 18 members of the Pattersquash Creek group were rewarded with municipal jobs for which they possessed little or no qualifications. Positions ranging from the Clerk, to Judge, Department of Public Works, Clerical, Zoning Board, Planning Board and even Village Administrator! Ricciardi was no exception—profiting off of your tax dollars.

Chris Ricciardi had absolutely no administrative, clerical, or computer skills that the job required but was given $22 an hour to be Deputy Clerk. $7 AN HOUR MORE THAN THE WOMAN HE REPLACED THAT WAS THOROUGHLY QUALIFIED AND WHO THEY WOULDN'T GIVE A RAISE!!! Maura Spery and Bruce Summa raised such a “stink” over this outrageous under-qualified “sexist” appointment that Mr. Ricciardi was replaced at that position. However, he was given a “protected” job as Secretary to the Planning Board where, as Fugarino's eyes and ears at Village Hall, he would be “safe” from the Mayor and the Board's pesky legal inquiries.

Chris Ricciardi is also a slumlord who owns several rental houses in Mastic Beach. He has filled them with section eight housing (as do many other Pattersquash members) that he hides under the anonymity of a L.L.C. accusing Brookhaven (incorrectly) of “welfare dumping” while profiting from it simultaneously. Great gig if you can get it! As you can see, “hypocrisy” and “patronage” runs deep within the Pattersquash Creek group. Ricciardi is little more than an expensive “Igor” and mouthpiece for his master Mr. Fugarino but this choice for trustee fits right in with a mayor who was arrested for stealing a car!

You can’t make this up!

Diana Soldano
Rounding out our “triad of tabanids” is our newest member of the Pattersquash's “Revive the Village” team, Ms. Diana Soldano.

Ms. Soldano has always had a desperate wish to run for village office. She sees her “window of opportunity” rapidly closing and has decided to take the “last boat sailing.” Ms. Soldano is a very busy woman. So busy if fact that when she was the chairperson of the citizens Marketing Committee, she continuously cancelled meetings because she was “way too busy to chair a committee once a month” which lead to her resignation of that position. Ms. Soldano wishes to bring that same type of “exemplary” leadership to the village board so she can resuscitate the village. 

Pattersquash Creek a Cancer on Mastic Beach

Mr. Fugarino and his “Save the Village Revival Party” all say they are running because “we want to shepherd the village in its final months back to Brookhaven.” Well, let me ask you, the reader of this Crier, “Do you really think that people like Anderson, Ricciardi and Fugarino, who have spent the last several years lying about Brookhaven and “bashing” our Councilman and Supervisor, can negotiate a good settlement from Brookhaven for the residents?”

I mean really?

Do you think that the “thugs” from Pattersquash who slandered Bob Miller, set up fake profiles on prostitute and gay sex sites, spray painted the C-word on Betty Manzella's campaign signs and have lied to you at every single opportunity, are the best choices to represent you in this transition?!

Anyone can see that Mr. Fugarino’s claim for a peaceful transition back to Brookhaven is just another of his lies. All he wants is to grasp at the illusion of power by extending the corrupt village government he created and of course, get a stick-dock. (Because as we all know, getting someone to pay for his stick dock is what this whole village debacle has always been about.)

Bottom Line: If you voted to dissolve the village, then you must not sit at home on March 21st. You must take this vote seriously. You must come out on March 21st from 12am – 9pm at Village Hall and vote for the “Dissolve Team” of Bob Miller, Fred Krage and Vic Viola so they can finish what we started.


To all the loyal readers of The Crier: Spartacus Media Inc. asks for your help. Please spread to everyone you know... Do not to sign any petitions before May 1st. Doesn't matter if they say it is to get rid of sex-offenders, or to get an ice-rink in Mastic Beach, or help the Boy Scouts... do not believe any “sounds-too-good-to-be-true” fantasy. These Save the Village people will do anything to get you to sign their referendum petition to “Save their Village!”

Please contact us if you are approached to sign a petition of any kind. If possible, take a photo of the petition with your phone and forward to our publication at
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