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Mastic Beach Village—A New Dawn


Greetings to all our “Crier” fans and my apologies for the six-month “hiatus” the Crier took from sending out our email. Truthfully, we needed a few months to “regroup” and “decompress” from the Village Dissolution vote as you might well imagine. We have some information to share so let’s get at it.

On Thursday, Sept. 7th, the Mastic Beach Property Owners Assn. held a meeting hosted by Councilman Dan Panico and Town Supervisor Ed Romaine. Both representatives assured the 75+ residents in attendance that Mastic Beach would be a top priority of the Town. Councilman Panico stated that they have more than two dozen homes “in their sights” targeted for removal. We were assured that the Town would crack down on illegal rentals and unsightly homes possessing code and building violations.

Investors for Mastic Beach development are being solicited by the Town with a possible medical center and a bank as the start of the revitalization effort. In addition, Dan Losquadro, Superintendent/Highway, has also pledged immediate attention to our roads as soon as are back with Brookhaven.

Also, we had a very thorough explanation of “Section 8” housing vouchers and the fact that the Town gets blamed for the lack of housing inspections and sub standard rentals that are allowed when in fact it is the “deliberate incompetence” (my words not theirs) of the CDC (Community Development Corp) and the unwillingness of the “County” government to enforce housing and building codes when placing people in homes and “dumping” a disproportionate amount in areas like ours. Now both Democrats and Republicans share equal blame in our current situation but we need to elect a legislator that will fight for the enforcement of current building and housing codes on a county level today! For that reason, I am supporting Rudy Sunderman for County Legislator this November 7th.

Kudos to Joe Johnson! Why do I say this to someone who slandered and trashed my family and self? It’s simple. Yes, Joe was a “king-sized lying ass” but after he was elected he saw the “reality” of the village situation and worked with Maura Spery to create a “dissolution plan” to return to the Town. He saw the financial “hopelessness” of the village without a tax increase of $1,500-$2,000 (which no one was willing to pay) and realized the best course of action was to protect the residents and return to Brookhaven. So, again, my kudos to Mr. Johnson for “seeing the light”, “stepping up to the plate” and doing what was right in spite of knowing it would make him a “pariah” within his own circle.

How does going back to Brookhaven “protect” us? Well, a couple weeks ago you may have read in Newsday that the nine “civil-rights housing” lawsuits were settled for an aggregate sum of just under $400k which poses no additional tax liability to the residents and was covered under our insurance. However, had we remained a village then in addition to monetary compensation the Long Island Housing Authority wanted a permanent office in our village to “monitor and direct” all housing issues thus negating any control we would have as a village over these issues. We would also be dropped out of the NYS “insurance pool” and be forced to buy village insurance at a rate 3x-5x higher than currently paid resulting in premiums from 300k-500k.

Some of you may have noticed the “reconditioning” and “cleanup” of several houses. There is a wave of interest in our community and private investors are coming in and refurbishing houses. I will tell you that a good part of this interest in our community has been due to the “tireless” effort of our former mayor Maura Spery to promote Mastic Beach to investors. My kudos to you, Maura for actually doing what others only talk give “lip service” to and while I’m on it I would like to pay credit to your leadership as Mayor. Your administration overspent the budget by $400k but brought in $390k in new revenue leaving office with only a $10k budget deficit resulting in a total tax liability of less than $2 (two dollars) per household. You paved roads for the first time since the inception of the village, chased out squatters and closed bad houses. I am proud to have served with you and I am looking forward to seeing the improvements that returning to the town will bring.

Be well and God bless until next time.
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