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Pattersquash Members Circulate Petition to Save the Village 

Ricciardi, Anderson and Residents Unite Party sole Agenda to Bring Back Corrupt Village

ANDERSON: I worked illegally for the village and got paid without having to give my “Federal I.D.” number for my business (which I don’t have) or my Social Security Number.

RICCARDI: I helped him get paid illegally because “Pattersquash Creek” members stick together!

Yes, one picture is worth a thousand words.

It seems that Mr. Anderson has not renewed his Suffolk County contractor’s license for the last four years for his air-conditioning business. Of course, not having a license has not stopped Mr. Anderson to continue to work illegally throughout the county nor did it stop Mr. Ricciardi and our previous corrupt village administrator from hiring him to do work for the village.

But what is even more interesting, is that Mr. Anderson got paid without giving his social security number or his federal I.D. number to the village for taxation purposes. We do not know how he got paid but there was obvious collaboration between Mr. Ricciardi, the corrupt village administrator and corrupt deputy treasurer to keep Mr. Anderson’s pay for work he did for the village “hidden” from the "taxman." 

You see, Mr. Anderson owes over $130,000 to the state government in taxes and judgements as well as owing commercial vendors that he purchased materials for his business from and never paid. Mr. Anderson has never given his social security number to the village so that he could get his check. He didn’t volunteer to give the check back and work “gratis” which would still have required his social security or federal tax I.D.#.

So, Mr. Anderson is waiting to be elected so that the $12,000+ owed him can be “funneled” out under the table to avoid being garnered just like the other money was and Mr. Ricciardi will again be a willing accomplice. Pattersquash Creek members always take care of themselves first! As is evident by the amount of jobs their membership has received within the village and the corruption their members have gotten away with supporting.

Do you really think these two lying “carpetbaggers” are going to have your best interest in returning to Brookhaven? No, of course not. They already have “Pattersquash” members circulating a petition to save the village. That is the sole agenda of Anderson, Ricciardi and the Residents Unite Party controlled by Frank Fugarino and his Pattersquash group. Just look what the "Pattersquash Sqeak" the official facebook page of the Pattersquash Creek Civic Association posted on February 13, 2017. 

If you think the Residents Unite Party has any plan to make a smooth transition to the Town you are kidding yourself. They want to stop the dissolution and "regain our status as a Village" so they can continue to get paid. Just like they always have. 

This election will be CRUCIAL! For a successful transition back to Brookhaven you must come out on March 21st to VILLAGE HALL (not the firehouse) between 12 noon and 9:00 p.m. and vote for the Dissolve Party with Bob Miller for Mayor and Fred Krage and Vic Viola for Trustees.

End the corruption supported by Fugarino and his Pattersquash Creek Civic group and let’s return to sanity!


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