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“Power To The People”

On Wednesday, November 16th, 2016, 3,137 residents of Mastic Beach Village cast their votes on whether to remain a village or go back to the Town of Brookhaven. The outcome was 1922 “yes” to return to the Town of Brookhaven and 1215 “no.” The amount of people who came out to vote represented a 40% turnout of the electorate, which is HUGE! Considering, there was only a very small vote differential between the first referendum to form the Village and this recent referendum to shut it down. A 40% turnout is more than most presidential elections get so this was an extremely legitimate referendum and should be respected by both sides.

My thanks to all the residents who partook in this historic vote. You are all to be commended for your desire to direct the future of our community while so many others did not care and would not even get off the couch to have a say in their own future. 

My hat is off to Bob Miller who “dug down” deep and found the courage to be vehemently rejected, jeered and cursed by his neighbors. Many of whom he had spent most of his life living side-by-side in harmony but that was before he had the “audacity” to have a different point of view. The best lesson Bob could have learned in this Village fight is exactly who his friends actually are on either side of the debate. 

You “stayed” the course Bob in spite of the adversity you faced and persevered to give “voice” to nearly 2,000 residents who had had enough. You are their representative and YOU should be on the dissolution committee to arrange our return to Brookhaven. No one else has the legitimate credentials.

Final Village Referendum Analysis

So what happened in this vote? From my perspective, each side, both pro/no village, has a core base of 1,000 hardcore supporters. Then there is a pool of “flux” voters that comprise the remaining 1,000+ that are up for grabs in any election. These "let's take a chance" voters comprised the winning majority for the formation of the Village seven years ago but deserted them in “droves” this time around. In my “door-to-door,” travels gathering petition signatures a recurring theme of “I originally voted for the Village but it has fallen short of its promises” kept presenting itself by about 20%-25% of those who signed my petition sheets and even more of whom I spoke on the dissolution campaign trail. I would submit to you that this “group” of about 500 voters that the village proponents lost, did so by not delivering what they promised. Although I can only logically speculate.

Then take into account the 400 residents illegally searched. How many of those do you think voted to keep the village? For example, Anna Wintour, Editor-in-Chief of Vogue and our resident millionairess, originally gave money and support to the creation of the Village but since she was illegally searched, she has no interest in retaining the Village nor do other residents who were so mistreated.

So now we wait for the Village Board to come up with a “Dissolution Plan” for our return to the Town of Brookhaven. Once the Board of Trustees approves that plan, the “village people” can attempt to gather over 2,000 valid signatures of registered voters in a 45 day period to force into silence the people's voice of YES DISSOLVE forcing a referendum to get “back” on the ballot for another vote. They will have to try and convince 2000+ registered voters to sign a petition in less than 45 days and will also have to get 355 voters, who voted to get rid of the village, to reverse their vote. Hopefully, they will respect the will of the people and let the dissolution plan go through without yet another exhausting fight. The residents overwhelmingly voted to dissolve the Village government. The “People Have Legitimately Spoken.” The will of the people should be respected by all. But we shall see.

I call upon the village board to enact the “will of the people” and expedite the Dissolution Plan so we all can get on with our lives and work with the Town to make this a better community. 


Thanksgiving Wishes

On a personal note, I would like to wish all the wonderful people of Mastic Beach a happy and healthy Thanksgiving. I give thanks for the passion this community has for Mastic Beach and hope with the resources of the Town, Supervisor Ed Romaine, Councilman Dan Panico, and Superintendent Dan Losquadro, we will be able to do wonderful things to move this community forward in a positive direction. This is their opportunity to show that “Crookhaven” is no more.

The Crier will keep you informed of the process. 

Thank you all and God Bless
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