Fire Commissioner Elections
"Status Quo" vs "New Broom"

Anthony Capersino for Fire Commissioner

On Tuesday December 12th, from noon until 9pm at the Mastic Beach Firehouse, there will be an election held for the position of Fire Commissioner and I am supporting Anthony Capersino. 

“Why should I even get off the couch and bother to vote” you may ask and I will gladly tell you. But before we start I would like to clarify that my criticism is against the leadership of the Firehouse not the “rank and file” firefighters who risk their lives to keep us safe.

My primary complaint was and still is the “politicization” of the Firehouse primarily during the formation of the village and the use of your tax dollars to host the meetings of a pro-village “civic association” while others had to pay $400 for the same room.

The current board of commissioners used tax dollars to promote the incorporation of the village even though many of their membership and residents opposed the village incorporation. Tax dollars from both “no-village” and “pro-village” tax payers were used to hang banners in front of the Firehouse promoting the village.

The meeting hall, which has a usual charge of $400, has been given free of charge for years and is still free to date for the civic group, Pattersquash Creek Civic Assn. of which many current commissioners belong to and who were the main protagonists for the formation of the village. Having this meeting hall, which otherwise could not be afforded by this civic group, gave them the appearance of credibility that they otherwise lacked.

We even had one of the current Fire Commissioners as our mayor which led to the unlawful background searches on hundreds of our residents including yours truly and “How’d that turn out?”.

Now, in fairness, the Firehouse has two funds one of which is public money (A fund) and the other private money (Fund B) with which they can do what they please. But I say that no monthly “transfers” of money from the “B” fund to the “A” fund to cover the “free meeting cost” of the Pattersquash Creek Civic Assn. exist today or ever and await any documentation to the contrary.

I am supporting Anthony Capersino because the time for change is now. Under Mr. Capersino “public money will remain public money”, the firehouse will remain politically neutral and the “old boy network” will start to be put out to pasture.

Vote for Anthony Capersino for Fire Commissioner this coming Tuesday December 12th from noon until 9pm at the Mastic Beach Firehouse.

God Bless until next time
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