Welcome to your SGPS, your student society at Queen's

Current Masking and Public Health Guidelines

The university strongly recommends that you wear a mask indoors when physical distancing can't be maintained.

Stay home if you're sick – once you have no fever and symptoms improve for 24 hours (or 48 hours if gastrointestinal) you can return to campus.

Please wear a mask for 10 days after your symptoms start.

Academic consideration will be granted if you need to miss a class, exam, or academic requirement due to COVID-19 illness, symptoms, or self-isolation. Medical documentation is not required.

Submit a request for academic consideration through your faculty/school.

Need Support?

Book an appointment at SWS for care from physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses, or counsellors. SWS is open through to Dec. 23.

Access 24/7 crisis support and mental health resources on EmpowerMe.

Students covered by the SGPS Health Plan are eligible to access Conversation, which helps reduce barriers to mental health care by ensuring fast access to support.

Connect with Good2Talk 24/7/365 by phone 1-866-925-5454 or by text GOOD2TALKON to 686868.

For international students
Queen's University International Centre (QUIC) offers individual in-person and virtual drop-in advising, Mon. to Thurs., 10 to 11 am and 2 to 3 pm in Mitchell Hall 208, through to Dec. 22.

For students who identify as Queer, Trans, Black, Indigenous, and/or People of Colour (QTBIPoC)
Follow the Yellow House on Instagram for social justice, uplifting content, and events relevant to QTBIPoC student communities, and sign up for our newsletter. The Yellow House is located at 140 Stuart Street.

For Indigenous students
Four Directions Indigenous Student Centre (4D) offers online academic advising, support and cultural counselling for all Indigenous students. Check their Facebook page and Instagram for the latest information on upcoming events, or find them at 144-146 Barrie Street!

For mature women students and mothers
Drop in to the Ban Righ Centre at 32 Bader Lane, Monday to Thursday, 9 am to 4 pm, to find a comfortable study space, meet friends in their lounge, or enjoy a daily hot lunch.

Low-Cost Food Options at Queen's

The new pay-what-you-can PEACH Market is open Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, 11 am to 2 pm, in the School of Medicine Building, Arch St. entrance.

Fresh Food Boxes and Mason Jar meals are available through Student Wellness Services' Peer Health Educators. Learn more at

The AMS Foodbank is accessible to SGPS members. Get the most up to date information about hours and availability at

Read more about how you can access Queen’s Swipe it Forward program, which provides peer donated dining hall meals to students experiencing food insecurity at

Your Health and Dental plan

The SGPS is proud to offer a supplemental Health and Dental plan to all of our members.

Our plan includes not only enhanced travel coverage but starting in September 2022, students who are on the SGPS Health and Dental Plan will also have access to Conversation, a prepaid psychology service.

If you want to learn more about the plan OR if you have yet to opt-out or if you still have to opt your dependants in, please check out the link below.

Click Here to Learn More about the SGPS Health and Dental Plan

The SGPS Student Advisors are here to help you confidentially navigate many of the issues you may face as a graduate or professional student at Queen’s.

The Student Advisors provide advice, strategies for self-advocacy, referrals for these issues, and more. The Advisors provide services such as helping students find the answers to their questions, attending meetings alongside students, helping draft and edit delicate emails, providing individual advice, coaching and strategic planning, and connecting students to other resources when an issue exceeds their expertise or if there is another service that could better meet your needs.

If you are having a small problem, you don't ​need to wait until it becomes a very large problem. All correspondence with the Program (which is comprised of all the Advisors and the SGPS Executive Director) is entirely confidential. We cannot share your information with anyone unless we receive written permission from you.

The Student Advisors are available free of charge to assist with academic and non-academic concerns. Reach out to them at using the link below.

Click Here to Contact the SGPS Student Advisors
Click Here for our Office Hours & Organizational Contact List