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Student ID Validation Stickers

Don’t forget to update your information in SOLUS!

A message from Queen’s Student Affairs:

Make sure your primary address is updated in SOLUS no later than August 25 to wherever you will be living at the beginning of September! Validation stickers will be mailed to all full-time returning students with a photo ID card who are enrolled.

Note: The fee for the bus pass is included in mandatory student fees for the 2022/2023 school year. Having the updated validation sticker on your student card will act as your bus pass for the school year.

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Get Involved at The Journal

The Queen's Journal is seeking SGPS members to sit on the Journal’s Advisory Board, which meets monthly to discuss and inform The Journal's operations.

J-Board meets over a hybrid format of Zoom/Teams and in-person, depending on the members' preferences.

If you'd like to get involved, fill out this Google form, and email with any questions.

We know being a graduate and professional student can be hard. You told us that getting help with the issues you are experiencing can be challenging. ​We believe that it should not be difficult to get the assistance you need.

The SGPS Student Advisor is here to help you confidentially navigate many of the issues you may face as a graduate or professional student at Queen’s.

Are you having a conflict with your supervisor, a lab-mate, or a classmate? Do you have questions about your funding? Need help understanding and navigating Queen's policies and procedures? Do you need to file an appeal against an academic decision? Are you experiencing discrimination or harassment?

The Student Advisors provide advice, strategies for self-advocacy, referrals for these issues, and more. The Advisors provide services such as helping students find the answers to their questions, attending meetings alongside students, helping draft and edit delicate emails, providing individual advice, coaching and strategic planning, and connecting students to other resources when an issue exceeds their expertise or if there is another service that could better meet your needs.

If you are having a small problem, you don't ​need to wait until it becomes a very large problem.

The Student Advisors are available free of charge to assist with academic and non-academic concerns. Reach out to them at, using the link below.

All correspondence with the Program (which is comprised of all the Advisors and the SGPS Executive Director) is entirely confidential. We cannot share your information with anyone unless we receive written permission from you.

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