Welcome to your SGPS, your student society at Queen's

The voting period for the SGPS By-Election starts next Tuesday, September 20, 2022!

Ballots are sent out through a third-party platform, so be on the look out for an email, sent to your email address from

If you don't receive a ballot, please double check your junk/clutter/spam folders. If you still cannot locate your ballot email before 3:00 pm on Wednesday, September 21, 2022 so we can allow the third-party company time to assist prior to the close of voting (11:39 pm on Wednesday, September 21).

We want to thank you all, in advance, for participating in your student democracy.

Click Here to Learn More About the SGPS By-Election

Deadline to Apply to Graduate
An Announcement from Queen’s Student Affairs

Are you planning to graduate this fall? The deadline to apply for Fall Graduation has moved!

The deadline to apply for Fall Graduation is September 14!

Follow the steps on the Registrar website at

Volunteer at the SHRC

The SHRC is looking for volunteer Sexperts for the 2022 - 2023 academic year!

The Sexual Health Resource Centre is an SGPS service that provides confidential, non-judgmental, sex positive, pro-choice, queer positive, non-heterosexist and feminist information and referrals for questions regarding sex, sexuality and sexual health.

They also offer the sale of at-cost safer sex products and toys. The centre is staffed by trained volunteers who are knowledgeable about the products we sell and respond to client inquiries made in person or by telephone.

Click the link below to apply to volunteer at the SHRC.

Apply to Volunteer at the SHRC

PhD Community Initiative Registration Open!
A Message from the SGSPA

Apply your graduate training, gain new skills, connect with other students and the community.

The PhD Community Initiative (PhD-CI) is an experiential learning opportunity that pairs multidisciplinary teams of graduate students with a local organization to help them address an issue or challenge of importance to them. You gain interdisciplinary, hands-on professional development by applying your graduate skills and knowledge in a non-academic context while also acquiring new skills that translate beyond academia. Engage with your community and form partnerships and networks that offer rewarding learning and life experiences. To learn more about the program, visit our website.

This year, we’re partnering with ABLE2, the City of Kingston, Bangladeshi-Canadian Community Services, the Canadian Refugee Sponsorship Agreement Holders Association, and more! To learn more about the projects, visit our projects page.

To register for the program visit the registration page here!

SGPS events

All events are open to all new and returning SGPS members.

Your Health and Dental plan

The SGPS is proud to offer a supplemental Health and Dental plan to all of our members.

Our plan includes not only enhanced travel coverage but starting in September 2022, students who are on the SGPS Health and Dental Plan will also have access to Conversation, a prepaid psychology service.

If you want to learn more about the plan OR if you have yet to opt-out or if you still have to opt your dependants in, please check out the link below.

Click Here to Learn More about the SGPS Health and Dental Plan
Kingston Transit Pass

Starting September 1, 2022 your Queen’s student card acts as your bus pass. Just make sure you have a 2022 - 2023 sticker on the back of your student card.

IMPORTANT NOTE: the Registrar's Office is no longer mailing out validation stickers for on-campus students. You will need to pick up your validation sticker during the first two weeks of classes.

To learn more about how you can get the 2022 - 2023 sticker, check out the link below.

Click Here to Learn How You Can Get Your Student Card Sticker

The SGPS Student Advisors are here to help you confidentially navigate many of the issues you may face as a graduate or professional student at Queen’s.

The Student Advisors provide advice, strategies for self-advocacy, referrals for these issues, and more. The Advisors provide services such as helping students find the answers to their questions, attending meetings alongside students, helping draft and edit delicate emails, providing individual advice, coaching and strategic planning, and connecting students to other resources when an issue exceeds their expertise or if there is another service that could better meet your needs.

If you are having a small problem, you don't ​need to wait until it becomes a very large problem. All correspondence with the Program (which is comprised of all the Advisors and the SGPS Executive Director) is entirely confidential. We cannot share your information with anyone unless we receive written permission from you.

The Student Advisors are available free of charge to assist with academic and non-academic concerns. Reach out to them at using the link below.

Click Here to Contact the SGPS Student Advisors
Click Here for our Office Hours & Organizational Contact List