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A Message from the Board of the Oregon Hispanic Bar Association

November 19, 2016

As members of the Latino community in Oregon, we wish to register our concern for and solidarity with the most vulnerable members of our community, in the wake of the election of a presidential candidate whose campaign explicitly and unapologetically used racist, bigoted, misogynistic, and xenophobic rhetoric.  While we recognize and respect the variety of political perspectives within our community, we cannot condone language and actions which target immigrants, people who converse most comfortably in languages other than English, black and brown people, and other marginalized members of our community.  

We recognize that many in our community, and particularly the Latino community, are grieving, afraid, uncertain of their future, and experiencing an increase in overt hostility from people around them.  We commit to standing against hate, discrimination, and oppression without concern to political affiliation.  We have not forgotten that we are also a community of immigrants, past and present, who have worked hard and contributed immeasurably to life in the United States.  

As officers of the law, we stand for justice and human dignity.  We pledge to resist any tendency to minimize or justify or ignore mistreatment of our most vulnerable citizens.  We commit to a courageous vision of justice that tells the truth, even and especially those parts of the truth that we are most tempted to avoid or ignore.

We at the OHBA will continue to work with other organizations and individuals to raise our voice, provide support to one another, and make meaningful change to our community at home and across this nation.  Together we are strong. 

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