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ISSUE 147 APRIL 2017
2017 Herd Tour, Taranaki.                                              Photo Courtesy: Kay Ward

1.  President's Note
 AGM Minutes Download
2.  Council Communication
3.  General Manager's Note
4.  Steak of Origin
5.  Registry Report (Download)
6.  HP News
7   Tru-Test Beef Expo
     NZHA Activities 
8.  B&LNZ Genetic Forum (Download)
9.  Ambassadors
10.  Cash for Cows
11. R A&P Society AGM Dates (Download)
12.  Photo competition


3rd -6th    2017 Tech Tour, Waikato and surrounds         
10th          Future Beef Entries Close
20th          Final date to order Swazi Show Jackets for                    Beef Expo
27th          "Cash from Cows" Field Day, Whangara
30th          Final date for 2016 Calf registrations

5th            Steak of Origin entries close
12 - 14th  Future Beef Hoof & Hook Competition,                        Feilding
12 - 16th  TRU-TEST BEEF EXPO, Feilding
14th          NZHA Council Meeting, Feilding
15th          PGG Wrightson National Hereford  Open                      Day, 2183 Kimbolton Road,  Kiwitea
                 NZHA & HP Luncheon & HP Auction
                 PGG Wrightson National Hereford                                Sale, Manfield, Feilding

4th            South Auckland Club Mini Herd
                NZHA Genomic Forum at Craigmore Stud
In late February, farmers were given  access  to Alpha Burn Station, for “The Power of the Beef Cow Field day”, show casing a well-managed, profitable station in which the beef  operation and is a significant part of the business.

The take home message was to feed young stock to allowing them to reach their potential and thus   giving more selection opportunities on traits which matter. The use of specialist crops in the McRaes farm system achieved impressive live weight targets and in-calf rates, along with providing other opportunities. On a gross margin basis at current prices, a well-run beef operation, more than matches a sheep operation achieving 140% lambing.

Speakers included Sharl Liebergreen, (Beef +Lamb NZ Genetics) on genomics and the opportunities going forward, Dr Jim Gibbs, (Fodder beet specialist) , Liam Donnelly (Seedforce), Peter Young  (Young Farm advisory  farm consultant) and Laurie Paterson on the benefits of using registered Herefords and the contracts available through Hereford Prime. The day was very professionally MC’d by Grant Rudenklau.

Thank you to our three, generous premier Field Day sponsors, PGG Wrightson, Blue Wing Honda, and Merial Ancare and also to our other supporters Crawford Ag, for supplying the refreshments, Agri-Map for providing the booklet with a map, and Seedforce and ANZCO. However our special thanks must go to Laura Gray (B+L) for her fabulous organisational skills and to Duncan and Allanah McCrae for all their hard work and preparation prior to the day and for giving us an insight into their operation.

As we look to wean calves, it is opportune to remind members to order  “True Blue H tags “ with Patrice at PBBnz, where  the price is competitive  and turnaround time super-fast . “H” tags are exclusive to PBBnz.  Members along with the Association need to highlight the point of difference  the ‘H’ tag identifies i.e. the animal is registered, and the predictable performance from that animal is enhanced.

As we develop our genomic strategy, it is concerning that members recording of phenotypical data is falling, especially  hard to measure traits ,such as carcass. As a breed we must strengthen phenotypical data to further enhance and validate, the genomic data. Council encourages members to scan as many as their young stock as they can, especially R2 heifers. Talk to Bill and Judy Austin on: 03 685 5856 or email and start planning now. As the market continues to target specific traits and levels, how can you meet those targets if you don’t know what your breeding program is delivering? The opportunity is huge, as is the potential for genetic gain.

Monday 15th will see Herefords adopt a new format, with Hereford bull viewing and a combined Hereford Association & Hereford Prime luncheon, followed by a Hereford Prime auction. After lunch we move to Manfeild for lead judging and sale of Hereford animals (with the exception of those entered in The NZ Heifer championship class) after the conclusion of the Shorthorn sale. Please remind agents and potential buyers of the change of format.

Last month the Association held the AGM prior to the Herd Tour at the Devon Hotel in New Plymouth. Both remits put to the AGM were lost (follow this link to view the AGM Minutes)

I wish to congratulate David Steele and the Taranaki Hereford Breeders for hosting a fabulous  tour allowing us a great insight to many and varied aspects that make Taranaki such a vibrant region. The enthusiasm and commitment shown by Taranaki breeders to their respective breeding programs and the results stemming from them, will, I  suggest see  their bloodlines feature in many New Zealand Hereford bloodlines in the future. The tour showcased herds, many of which, maternally rival, any other region in the country and do warrant your inspection.

Many thanks to all clubs, and members that donated items for the ambassador auction – more information is available on the link below.

Unfortunately  no region is in a position to host next year’s Herd  Tour ,so  a couple of ideas  suggested are  to either incorporat the Australian, Rockhampton Beef Week ( 6-12th May 2018, or tour Australia to see bulls/studs/bull walk/sales in Feb/March. Please let Posy or a councillor know your preference.

NZHA have invited Dr Alex Ball (CEO of Herefords Australia) to talk to Council regarding matters which will affect both Associations. We are hopeful he will make the trip during, Beef Expo. We also look forward to seeing you all there!


Phil Barnett 
President, NZHA
Council Communications
Steak of Origin 2017

This year there is a specific Hereford class at Steak of Origin, to evaluate your animals and your breeding program against other Hereford breeders and other cattle breeds. NZHA and HP encourage all Hereford breeders to enter and tell the Hereford quality beef story. See link to PDF below.

Technical Update

Member Forum
Robert Peacock from the Technical Committee has presented two NZHA genomic presentations.  Both were well received with the first one held at Wanaka in February and the second in Taranaki last month.  The Technical committee propose to deliver two more to capture the Northern, NI members (provisionally at Craigmore during the SAHC Field day, 4th June) and the East Coast/Lower North Island members at expo. In order to have the maximum number of members present we need your feedback.
Please email your preference A or B below, if you are interested in attending an NZHA Genomic presentation during Expo, explaining: “Why move from Microsatellite to SNP testing? How? What will it cost?” (duration 40mins)
  1. Sunday 14th May, evening prior to Beef Expo –5.30pm  OR
       B.Monday 15th May breakfast meeting prior to the paddock viewing – 8.00am
Council has moved that NZHA transitions to a Single Step genomic evaluation. The proposal is “that for 2019, all sires 2 years and younger, have full SNP, Parent Verification, along with genetic defect tests. This ruling would include animals for within herd use.”  Import regulations would align to the above pertaining to imported genetics along with at least a low-density chip taken as well

Best practice tips
  • Stud Sires to be sold this year at bull sales are strongly recommended to be SNP tested (sires of those bulls will also require to be SNP tested as Microsatellite does not talk to SNP)
  • Collect DNA, either hair / tissue from dams now before culling - potential dams that could have sires for potential use in 2019 must have hair or tissue stored
  • When importing, genetics ask for Full Parent Verification from SNP test and at least low density chip
Calving Ease – a reminder that if there is no variation in your calving ease scores, despite recording, ILR2 will NOT show this as a “Trait Observed” as the scores are not analysed in the CE analyses. A “trait observed” needs to have a differentiation.
Sponsor Update
NZHA are thrilled to have PGG Wrightson as the naming sponsor for the Hereford National Show and Sale during Beef Expo.  Farmquip have also been extremely generous by delivering and loaning a cattle crush to the NI grazing unit which will be for sale at a reduced rate post expo.  Email the office if you are interested.   AON have also come to the party and have agreed to insure the crush at no extra cost to the Association.  We ask you show your respect to NZHA sponsors by not wearing opposing branded items at Beef Expo.
PBB has reduced the breed representative directors to one per breed and appointed one industry independent and is currently discussing whether a director fee could be paid in the future to attract other industry representatives. Philip Shepherd is the NZHA representative on the Board.
Volunteers Required - Tru-Test Beef Expo
Please contact Christine at if you are able to volunteer either before expo to assist with set up, during expo to assist with NZHA open day at the grazing unit or post expo to help with pack up. Many hands make light work!
PGG Wrightson National Hereford Same Day Show and Sale
Due to an increased event management cost of having an additional sale day, NZHA and the Shorthorn Society will be on charged this expense by the Beef Expo committee. NZHA's portion is estimated to be in the range of $1500.00.
The office is currently working on some new flyers, which will be available at Beef Expo.  These flyers are designed to educate the commercial farmers the benefits of using “REGISTERED” Herefords over bush bulls – one will target the beef farmer and one will be dedicated to the dairy farmer.  If you would like some for your sale, please contact the office.
Swazi Show Uniforms
The order form for the Swazi Show Jackets will be ready at the end of the week and will be posted on NZHA Website.  Cost of the jackets id $99.50 +GST.  It will be essential to send your order directly to SWAZI. Orders must be submitted by 20th April if you require them for Beef Expo.    
Proposed Membership fee/cow fee changes 
At the next council meeting to be held on 14th April, David Steele (Taranaki Club) has been invited to present a suggested change in fee structure.  Gray Pannett is also preparing a proposal going forward for further discussion.

General Manager's Note

NZHA staff will continue to work on the format of the electronic Hooked on Herefords.  We have taken on a breeder’s request that more of the reports can be saved as a PDF.  As you scroll down the newsletter you will be able to click on the headings that are of interest to you and then have the capability of either printing or saving those reports. 

I have enjoyed meeting many of you at the Field day and during the Herd Tour. Whether we have met you or not, please come and say ‘Hello’ to Christine and myself during Expo.  It’s great putting faces to the names we deal with on a daily basis and makes our roles so much more enjoyable. I feel privileged to be working for the Association.

Posy Moody
General Manager
Megan has been in Australia!

For those of you who may not know I have recently been in Australia at ABRI undertaking further HerdMASTER support training. While in Australia, I was invited to visit Herefords Australia (also in Armidale) to meet the team and have lunch with the Board who were present for a 2 day meeting. I found it interesting to learn about their processes, as their systems and staff roles are structured quite differently to New Zealand. They were a friendly bunch and spoke very highly of all the NZ breeders they have met over the years! A number are looking forward to visiting New Zealand in 2020 for the World Hereford Conference.

I was lucky enough to attend part of the recent Herd Tour and would like to thank the Taranaki Club for their wonderful hospitality, as well as the NZHA Board for inviting me to attend. 

Megan Ellet, Registry, PBBnz

 Over 100 bulls have entered into the 2017 Tru-Test Bull Sale!
You can access the Tru-Test Beef Expo programme here.

Sunday 14th May
8am - 1 pm

Monday 15th May 9.30am - 11.30am

12 noon

2.15pm - 3pm


3.30pm (approx.) 

6.00 pm


NZHA Council Meeting

Open paddock viewing of unled Tru-Test Super Sires and Honda Motorcycle Impact Sires at Barelands, 2183 Kimbolton Road, Kimbolton Road     

NZ Hereford Association & Hereford Prime Luncheon
Hereford Prime Auction.  
All welcome, however numbers are required so adequate catering can be provided.  Please RSVP by Friday 5th May 2016 to

Viewing at Manfeild Stadium

Hereford Led Judging followed by Prizegiving and announcement of Champion Hereford Sire

PGG Wrightson National Hereford Sale

Farmlands Breeders Banquet at Manfeild Stadium. Tickets $60.00 + GST per person. To book contact

See here for a downloadable version of the NZHA Programme.

B+LNZ Genetics will again host a breeder forum and technical breakfast at this year’s Tru-Test Beef Expo.  Check here for further information.

CONGRATULATIONS to Mark Murphy, the NZ Hereford ambassador selected to travel to Australia in May.

Mark has been involved with Herefords since finishing school in 2009. He has worked for Lake Station Herefords and the Beechwood Hereford Stud which is where he found his passion for the breed. He has since started his own Hereford stud, Longacre Herefords. Mark has also been involved in showing and judging cattle at local A&P Shows. He is passionate about the industry and the Hereford breed, and is thankful for the opportunity to experience Australia’s beef industry and Hereford cattle.
NZHA AMBASSADORS TECH TOUR 2017 is currently taking place in the Waikato and Coromondal region and includes visits to ABS, Bushy Downs, Gralyn Farm, Magill Meats, Gallagher Factory, Kairaumati Stud, Kokonga Hereford Stud.  
The Ambassador Auction for 2017 was well supported by some very generous donations from Hereford Clubs and breeders around the country and raised just under $10,000.  We were fortunate to have Bruce Orr as auctioneer, who did a great job raising funds for future Hereford Ambassadors. A large thank you to all the successful purchasers on the night, for your support and your deep pockets! Thank you to the Taranaki Club for hosting a fabulous final night of the Herd Tour.

Please Click Here to view the Auction donations and results.
Informative, fun and practical field day for Beef Farmers
Thursday 27th April 2017  - 11 am - 4.30 pm
Whanagara Angus Bull Ring, 25 Andrews Road, Whangara

Click Here for more details
Thank you to those people who submitted photos to the recent competition. CONGRATULATIONS to Alan Cook for winning the Overall Prize and to Colin Corney, Sam Tipping, Hannah Gibb and Lachlan MacKintosh for winning a section prize.  Keep an eye out in the 2017 Hereford Magazine to see the winning photos.
"The Power of the Beef Cow Field Day - Alpha Burn Station, Wanaka
                                                                                 Photo Credit: Natalie Campbell
Herd Tour 2017 - Taranaki
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