Issue 169 -  December 2020  
The eight families hosting the Allflex Coast to Coast Herd Tour invite you to join us from Sunday 7 March to Thursday 11 March 2021.
We have planned four days of great Herefords, fantastic scenery and plenty of fun.  We will be visiting studs that have sold the NZ top price bulls in 4 of the last 5 years, plus a National Sale "topper", and exposing you to spectacular scenery along the East Coast with major earthquake recovery, inland North Canterbury over the Main Divide and down the West Coast to Queenstown.
Register early to take advantage of the early bird saving and come along for the ride.  We are looking forward to hosting you all.
Rob Burrows
Herd Tour Committee Chairman 

Hotel Booking Information:
Download the form to book accommodation at 'The Elm', Christchurch here.
Download the guide to book accommodation at  The Heritage Hotel, Queenstown here


We hope your lambing and calving has gone well.  How unlike last year, with plentiful grass across NZ.

The Beef + Lamb Genetics results were released in October with some extremely positive results for NZ Herefords and our breeders.  In particular congratulations to both Peacock and Pannett families for having Orari Gorge Patton 150051 and Limehills Streaker 150368 ranked first in several of the carcase traits. Refer to the report - page 17. 

Sam (Registry), Charlotte (PBB) and I, have recently returned from a short trip to Hamilton where we were invited to sit in on the South Auckland club AGM and join them for dinner. I had an excellent Hereford Prime steak and it was lovely to chat with members, other than councilors who I see regularly! If you have just had your club AGM please remind club secretaries to inform Christine of any changes to your office holders. 

The following day we held a North Island educational day, which was supported by 22 members, some new, and some not so new to the Association, but everyone learnt something. Sam gave a live demonstration on how to complete ADLs, calf entries and weights online, while Andrew Russo shared his in-depth knowledge on internet solution searches. The other half of the group attended an excellent session on structural assessment by Colin Corney, as well as a demonstration on taking a tissue sample using a TSU applicator. We had lunch and the groups swapped over. A big thank you to Datamars who provided a great registration bag full of goodies and also to our councilors Andrew and Colin who took a day off work to be there, as well as the Henderson family from Craigmore Polled Herefords for supplying the cattle. It was a huge success and we plan to run more throughout the country with the next one scheduled for Sunday 7th March in Canterbury. If your club would like us to present at an event in your region beforehand please let me know. 

Keeping with the theme of increasing communication and education, we have recently developed a 'Member Guide' which you will receive shortly in the mail. The guide is to assist those new and not so new, to NZ Herefords with an outline of the association, a performance timeline, and a glossary of terms. We welcome your feedback once you receive it. You will also receive the Strategic Plan which council developed during lockdown.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and look forward to 2021 being a little easier for us all!

027 532 8919


Council Communicaitons were taken from the recent Council meeting held in Feilding on the 2nd and 3rd November 2020.

Correspondence was received and discussed including a letter from D Warburton, J Morrison and a dispensation letter. 

PBB report included a discussoin regarding Live Exports wth a request from one company to lower the cost of the certification. Currently the Live Exports certificate costs  the export companies $27.50 per animal which includes an administration charge from PBB. 
PBB have employed a new employee for SIL. Harry Faas also confirmed that work is underway to train breeders and staff in Stockbook with the view to having staff trained to advise breeders in 3-6 months, ready for a re-launch of Stockbook. 

Technical report was tabled and Mandibulofacial Dysostosis was discussed. Council passed partial funding for the initial tests but stressed this was not to be a precedent for future conditions however it was aimed to identify cases early. Breed Objects were further discussed with a recent issue being identified when applying the new indexes to unproven bulls and ranking them. Male transfers as well as registered progeny sired by bulls born after 1st Jan 2019 both requiring SNP sire verification was discussed. Diagnositcs reports were discussed including the importance for breeders to check their animals which have been SNP tested, also have ‘Genomics’ listed as a trait.  If they don’t, it means the animals have not been through Single-Step analysis as they have failed the quality control checks at AGBU and will be listed on the diagnostic report.
Colin Corney agreed to head up a projects team to review technical topics in response to J Morrisons letter. 
An extra group run in early Sept 2021 was discussed with Posy to action with HAL and ABRI.

Finance chair moved the 2020/2021 budget, and moved for a new auditor to be proposed at the next AGM.

Youth co-ordinator Becs Paterson presented a youth strategy which included a Youth Development weekend and planning and preparing a team to represent NZ at the next WHC in Kansas 2024. 

Hereford Prime presented their report.

Registry report was presented and accepted with a total of 353 members, which included 216 Breeding, 10 Youth, 3 Youth non-breeding, 62 Life, 57 Associates and 5 Overseas. 

Semen report was tabled and accepted with the second semen bull entering LIC quarantine. The recent positive results regarding NZHA Cooper's sire, Limehills Streaker 150368, from the BLG report was to be shared. 

WHC draft constitution was distributed, reviewed and passed with the view to the other countries adopting it via a zoom meeting early next year. Argentina have requested a world guideline on genetic abnormalities. 
P Moody reported on a beneficial conference call between USA/Australia/NZ - semen from NZ bulls going to USA will start with EPDs reflecting their performance rather than starting on zero. 

Herd Tour was discussed.

Marketing report and the member guide were circulated. Council directed for each member to receive one, along with the strategic plan.

New style guide for the magazine was completed and website is gradually being updated. Council confirmed that  HerefordX remains the marketing message for 2021. 

Power of the Beef Cow venue was still being sought for 2021, ideally in the South Island. 

National Sale was discussed includding Cam Heggie (PGG Wrightson)  via mobile phone. Read more details in the segment below.
All candidate nominations for NZH Council, including those willing to stand again, must submit a council nomination form to by 15 January 2021. Please contact any NZH council member if you are interested in standing.  New council members are very welcome.

NZ Hereford Approved AI Sires
If you are an owner and/or owners of a sire from which it is intended to market semen to other NZ Hereford members for the purpose of breeding registerable calves, that sire MUST be recorded as an NZH AI Approved Sire. If the sire is not listed as ‘AI Approved’ on Internet Solutions, the breeder who purchased semen will be unable to register the calves by him.
To request a sire be made “AI approved” please complete the online form-
For those breeders using AI within-herd, we have a ‘Restricted’ AI Sire Approval option. The AI Sire status will show as ‘restricted’, allowing the breeder to use within herd. Semen must not be marketed to other NZH members under the restricted status.
AI Sire requests (of either type) can be submitted here

For clarification of the rules refer to section 2,  "Artificial Insemination" on NZ Hereford website. 
Joining sires
Please note all joining sires BORN AFTER 1st January 2019 must be min 50K SNP sire verified and NZ Herefords recommends best practice is to verify the dam as well, or at the least keep a sample. 
Tip sheets
Our registry tip sheets have been updated and are now on the website!
Tip sheets are designed to help you enter information into internet solutions and are great for jogging your memory -
January grouprun     
As per normal please send your data in to the office by 3rd January 2021, we will ensure it is processed on our return to the office in time for the monthly grouprun.
It was nice to meet some breeders at the North Island Education day and I'm looking forward to meeting more of you on the Allflex Coast to Coast Herd Tour. Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year.  

Samantha Brosnahan 
DDI: (06) 323 0865


Some handy hints for SNP DNA:

  • Hair or semen samples are accepted by Neogen, wet TSU/tissue is preferred.
  • A completed Neogen DNA form must accompany all samples. It can be found on both the NZH and PBB websites. Complete the spreadsheet form electronically (typed), print a hard copy to mail with your samples and email the electronic copy to This way the order details can be merged straight into the ordering system.
  • For SNP parentage (sire and/or dam verification) to be run, parents must have a compatible SNP profile to use in the analysis (microsatellite/MiP profile not compatible).
  • PBB can source existing hair samples from Massey for SNP testing if needed for $10+GST, includes cost of hair card + splitting fee.
  • Young calves can be BVD tested using a TSU/tissue sample – there is no minimum age
View the DNA Flyer here.

At the Council meeting in November we had a great opportunity to gift Phil Barnett and Chris Douglas a carving knife and chopping board, ideal for those HP cube rolls.
Combined they  served NZ Herefords over 20 years  of voluntary time. That was worth celebrating! 

For more information regarding the 2021 National Sale click here.
We welcome the following new breeding  members to the Hereford family:

Shane Claassen                     HIKAMORA                  Walton
Kurt & Katie-Rose Parry         ROSEMOUNT              Hawera
Alex & Felicity Woodhouse     KINSALE                      Coalgate
Martin & Deb Platt                  CONNIEDEAN              Hamilton
Richard & Laura Morrison      BURNBANK                  Marton
Michelle Maginness               COOPER WHENUA      Oxford       

Important Reminder

2021 NZ Hereford Magazine Advertising Booking Deadline is
Friday 4th December 2020 
Click here to complete the booking form.
Material Deadline:  Friday 18th December 2020 

PBB Important Dates

The PBB office will close at 12 noon on Tuesday 22nd December 2020 and reopen on Tuesday 5th January 2021 for a festive season shut down.

Thank you!
A massive thank you to the breeders who have joined as new HP Club members and those that are have renewed their subscription again. We’re immensely grateful for the support to date.
There’s no denying it’s been a difficult year and the support of the membership has been immensely appreciated. Click here to find out more.
Season’s Greetings
Well what a year it’s been - rewarding and extremely challenging.
The board was delighted to be able to support NZ Herefords in hosting the World Hereford Conference and what an event it was! We are very proud to have been able to support the breed and also showcase our first-class, grass-fed NZ Hereford beef to our international audience.
As a brand it’s been a bit of roller coaster since then, courtesy of the Covid-19 pandemic, and we’ve faced numerous challenges with the hospitality sector being heavily reduced in capacity following lockdown, restrictions in throughput at beef plants and a drought.
Despite this, the board remains optimistic and staunchly believe in the product we offer the domestic market. The feedback we receive tells us time and time again it’s a premium product.
We are constantly seeking avenues to grow the brand, so if you come across any potential leads throughout the festive period drop Natalie a line with the details.
We’d like to acknowledge the breeders who we said farewell to this year, in particular Hereford Prime director Martin Taylor, whose contribution and friendship we miss.
We wish members and friends of NZ Herefords a relaxing and safe holiday season - and we hope you enjoy some deserved rest and relaxation while enjoying plenty of Hereford Prime’s grass-fed goodness. 
Merry Christmas and our best wishes for a prosperous 2021 from all the Hereford Prime team.

Save the date

6 Jan - Group Run cut off
11 Jan - NZH Office Open
21 Jan - Copy due for Feb Hooked on Herefords
25 Jan - NZH Office Close- Wellington Anniversary
8 Feb - NZH Office Closed Waitangi Day observed
9 & 10 Feb - NZH Council Meeting
7 March - SI Education Day, Canterbury
7-11 March - Allflex Coast to Coast Herd Tour
11 March - Hereford Youth Auction & Dinner, Queenstown

12 & 13 March - Wanaka Show

Our Partners.


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