Issue  175 - December 2021  

Dear Members
The rush before Christmas has well and truly started.  Kate Taylor is busy working on the 2022 Hereford magazine and I have been working through a few changes on the horizon and planning events for 2022.
Warning notice – grab your diary as the first quarter of next year is shaping up to be busy. At this stage we are hopeful the Allflex Coast to Coast Herd tour can go ahead from the 7-10th March. In addition, NZ Herefords are running two member days, one prior to the herd tour in Christchurch on Sunday 6th March and one in Gore on the 19th Februrary, prior to the Southern Hereford breeder’s club 50th celebration. Please email me if you have suggestions of content for either day. We are also looking forward to the 2022 Seed Stock Sale, which will be held in a similar format to last year’s sale and will be held on the 10th May at Orlando Country Club. The following day (11th May), Beef and Lamb Genetics propose to hold a beef forum in Manawatu. Clearly all of these plans are dependent on the unknown covid situation which we may find ourselves in, but one thing certain, is that vaccine passes will be required. 
ILRONLINE and IGENITY– 2022 is likely to include
two fairly major changes -  the transition to the ABRI software programme, ILROnine (read more about that below) and the offering of Igenity (an in-herd evaluation designed to assist commercial clients to select - more on that in Council Comms). PBB currently have a commercial Hereford station piloting the evaluation and NZ Herefords have requested that two breeders run some animals through the commercial evaluation to a) understand the process b) further validate the evaluation.  NZ Herefords are looking forward to receiving more detail about both projects and will keep you abreast with updates as we receive them.
Members representing different Hereford markets have been invited to the brainstorming marketing meeting in Wellington on the 9th December to help with consolidating the brand strategy and agree on NZ Herefords marketing message for 2022. The current structure of the Association means that NZ Herefords market B2B (business to business) so my role as General Manager stops prior to processors, while Hereford Primes current role is B2C – business to consumer, so is responsible for the activities from processor to plate.  Please contact either Natalie or I, if you require further clarification or have suggestions for our separate marketing campaigns.
NZ Herefords registry committee are of understanding that on occasion bulls are used between studs, with mutual agreement by owners of both studs.
In order to comply with NZ Herefords rules and regulations, Section A, Clause A, and to provide permission for PBB registry staff to override the software warning and allow progeny to be registered by a bull which is not in your name but in the other stud owners name, please contact the NZ Herefords office or PBB registry and request for a leased bull agreement, which needs to be signed by both parties and returned to PBB for record. While we understand this practice has gone on historically, especially amongst extended families, without a signed agreement, the software restriction previously was not in place.
PBB DNA staff are working through the diagnostic reports which we have previously referred to in Hooked on Herefords and in bulk emails. The DNA team are contacting a few members each month and notifying you of the historic animals which have been SNP tested and are listed in the diagnostic report. They explain that the report lists all of your animals which have “failed” to be included in the Single-Step Genomic Evaluation and highlights the reasons why they have been excluded. It is then PBBs role to work through the list with breeders, to resolve these issues to improve the accuracy of the data. To prevent more animals being added to the list, check that you have ‘genomics’ listed under ‘traits analysed’. If there is no reference to ‘genomics’, contact a member of the DNA team who will help you.  Having a SNP case number only confirms that the animal has been ‘tested’ by Neogen, not that it has been accepted in the genomic evaluation.
SNP DNA testing
It’s heartening to see the number of SNP DNA tests considerably increase across three years, while the number of Microsatellite tests have reduced at a similar rate.

Lastly, next year we will start ‘Member of the Month’ on our Facebook page. You may be the ‘Member of the Month' if you do something outstanding, funny or if you are new to the Hereford family or a Hereford stalwart….anything goes, so feel free to nominate someone or tell us about yourself.  If we were to start this month the 'Member of the Month’ deservedly would go to our high-profile celebrity, Laurie Paterson and all the great work he is doing, so  the rural voice is heard through Groundswell. Congratulations Laurie, we wish you all the best. 

Posy Moody
General Manager
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Council Communications here

All candidate nominations for NZH Council, including those willing to stand again, must submit a council nomination form to by Friday 14th January 2022.  Please contact any NZH Council member if you are interested in standing.  New council members are very welcome. 

You can find NZH Council member contacts click here.

Season’s Greetings
2021. Another trying year for the Hereford Prime brand.
Throughput was down, courtesy of the arrival of the Delta Covid-19 variant. As a result, our processing partners have faced numerous challenges with the hospitality sector being heavily reduced in capacity following lockdown and tourism (both domestic and international tourism) being down.
Despite this the Hereford Prime board have continued to work hard to do its best on behalf of breeders and have continued to seek out growth opportunities, but it has been challenging.
The board remains optimistic and staunchly believe in the product. Hereford Prime is grass-fed beef at its best. The feedback we receive tells us time and time again it’s a premium consistently high-quality product.
We are constantly seeking avenues to grow the brand, so if you come across any potential leads throughout the festive period drop Natalie a line with the details -
We wish members and friends of NZ Herefords a relaxing and safe holiday season - and we hope you enjoy some deserved rest and relaxation while enjoying plenty of Hereford Prime’s grass-fed goodness. 
Merry Christmas and our best wishes for a prosperous New Year.
The Hereford Prime team.

It's that time again when you need to think about DNA testing for your sale bulls, includiing National Seedstock Sale bulls. Have a read of the article for compelling reasons to test early and an easy reference timeline. 
The Allflex Coast to Coast Herd Tour committee are intending to hold the postponed Allflex Coast to Coast Herd Tour, in  2022 from the 7th – 10th March. A final decision will be made mid to late January as to whether we proceed.  Should we proceed, we will be required to meet the government guidelines, and will be asking that all attending present their vaccine pass upon registration.
The Studs and registrants’ safety will remain our top priority, so proof of a vaccination will be mandatory and registrants will be required to declare if they are exhibiting any symptoms of Covid-19, have been tested positive or been in contact with a covid 19 patient within 14 days of departure.
This will be a wonderful opportunity for the families of the studs being visited to showcase their unique region, the scenery and their cattle and for members to get together after such a long time.
No tour is complete without the generous support of sponsors and we would like to thank Allflex, Boehringer Ingelheim, NZ Herefords, PGG Wrightson, PBB, Blenheim Toyota, Canterbury Honda, Xcell, Austin Ultrasound, Rural Livestock, D & E West Coast, West Coast Honda, Farmlands, Precision Helicopters, Carrfields and North Canterbury Vets for their support.  We hope to see  you in March.
Rob Burrows and the Committee
You will shortlly receive your 2022 Sticky Calendar in the post.  We spotted the background photo on Paul Shepherds facebook page and asked permission to use it.  Congratulations and thanks Paul.

If you have not received a copy or would like an extra one for family or friends, please email us at
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Hi all!

Short and sweet from me this month with only a few important things to mention.
January group run has been pushed back a little due to the PBB office being closed for the Christmas period, so please ensure you have all your data to me by 6th January.
It is the time of the year to make sure your joining sires, born after 1 January 2019, have been SNP tested (sire verified using a minimum of a 50K SNP) and now that calving is finished why not submit your 2021 calf registrations. You don’t have to leave them to the last minute! Also as per Posy's mention in her manager's report, please contact me if you require a Lease Agreement. 
I look forward to seeing you all at the South Island member days and on the Allflex Herd Tour next year!

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year.       
Samantha Brosnahan 
DDI: (06) 323 0865

The PBB DNA team is expanding in response to the growing needs of NZ's sheep and beef farmers.  Click here to meet the team.

We know NZH members will join with us in welcoming the following new members:

Julie Macleay                                      PURIRI                        Wanganui
Robert (Scotty) & Ashley McLocklin    HIRANGI                     Waihaha, Turangi

Lynda Barrington                                 ALTONCOURT           Amberley
Fiona Mapp                                         PARKEND LODGE    Taumaraunui
Maree Neale                                       THE GAP                    Motueka
Joanne Rietveld                                  WEST EYRETON       Rangiora

Roger Keach Livestock Ltd                                                     Waihola
Richard Hore                                                                           Roxburgh

Chris Lisle                                                                                NSW, Australia

Informing New Zealand Beef Programme (INZB)

Across-Breed Beef Progeny Test at Kepler Farm

First calves born into INZB Programme 

The first calves born into the INZB programme have been through the yards for the first time, with a calf marking weight recorded and DNA taken to confirm parentage. 121 AI progeny will continue to be measured as part of the programme, with their next measurements taken at weaning. 

Across-Breed Beef Progeny Test bulls confirmed for 2021-mating 

This year was the first year a ‘Call for Bull Nominations’ was open to Angus and Hereford breeders for the INZB Across-Breed Beef Progeny Test, based at Pāmu’s Kepler Farm. There were a number of fantastic bulls nominated, with five from each breed successfully selected. These bulls will be Artificially Inseminated to both first-calving and re-breeding heifers mid-December. 

Successful Hereford bulls were:

Hereford KCF Bennett Resolve G595 US44105347

Hereford Monymusk Outback  0272190061

Hereford Okawa Saracen  0617170036 

Hereford Koanui Major P469 * 0216180469

Hereford Orari Gorge Tarzan 190091

To read the full list click here.

Dairy Beef Progeny Test Update

Update on 2019 cohort: 
All heifers have been processed already through Silver Fern Farms. Steers will be processed in the first three months of 2022.  
Update on 2020 cohort: 
A 400-day weight has been measured and analysed. 
Update on 2021 cohort: 
Calving again went well in 2021, with few assists, and birth weight consistent with previous years. All calves have been DNA sampled and parentage profiling is underway. Once parentage results are available, analysis of calving and rearing performance will be conducted and reported. 
Update on 2022 cohort: 
Mating has been completed at Renown to generate the next cohort of calves. Results of pregnancy testing will be reported in late February 2022.
Contributor: Anna Boyd  |  Genetics Operations Specialist – Beef
Beef + Lamb New Zealand Genetics

Save the date



January  1      New Years Day
               6      Group run cut off
             10      NZH Office Open
              21     Copy due for February newsletter
              24     NZH Office Closed - Wellington Anniversary
February         Hooked on Herefords
                2    B&L NZ Awards, Napier
                7    Waitangi Day observed
               18   South Island Member Information Day, Gore
               19   Southern Hereford Breeders Club 50th Celebration
                      NZ Hereford Seed Stock Sale Entries Open
March       3 - 5 Northland Field Days
                 6     NZH Member Information Day, Christchurch
                 7-10 Allflex Coast to Coast Herd Tour
                10    Hereford Youth Auction and Breed Dinner
                11    Wanaka A&P Show
                17-19  Central Districts Field Days



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