Issue 173 - August 2021
Congratulations to Nicole Wallace of Waiau Hereford Stud, on being awarded the overall winner of the recent photo competition with this photo.  Competition judge, Amy Hoogenboom, had this to say about the winning photo: "This is a photo I kept coming back to, a new take on an old subject. I think this photo does a excellent job of showcasing the strong maternal Hereford cow herd working in the hill country environment. The layers of hills and mountains slowly fading into the distance add great depth to the photo."

July, August, while they are busy months for feeding out, calving and preparing for Spring sales they are fairly quiet months in the office where we start planning for the up and coming year. 

Christine will be in touch with club secretaries shortly to ascertain where and when a Hereford member day works best for the club. The plan for these days are to provide an educational element as well as an open forum, where members can meet with staff and board members and exchange ideas.

We are also working on our brand strategy and the 2021/2022 marketing plan, which I will  provide you with more detail in the next Hooked on Herefords along with the 2021/2022 budget. 

Strategically your board continues to work hard in making decisions with the breeds best long term interest at heart. They are currently having fact finding discussions with B+L regarding the new nProve evaluation which B+L now have funding for. The board will continue to engage with B+L to understand the value in their proposition and will advise members on their thoughts in due time. 

In the meantime PBB will include NZ Hereford data to validate a cross bred evaluation they are working on, which the council are also reviewing to see whether that will be an additional opportunity in the future. 

Lastly Boehringer Merit Sires are finally released for the 2020 born animals. Thank you for your patience as I realise many of you are pulling together Spring sale catalogues. With an eye on the future and the predicted reduction of bobby calves increasing the demand on finishing dairy cross animals early, the technical committee have changed the parametres of the merit sires to reflect the change in finishing, by including 400 day weight as opposed to 600 day weight. The new dairy beef index has also been included

Congratulations to all the breeders with animals that qualify. The results can be viewed by linking to the website here.

Good luck with the up and coming Spring bull sales as well as calving.


027 532 8919


Council Communicaitons were taken from the recent Council meeting held via ZOOM on the 3rd August 2021. 

Correspondence was received and discussed including letters from Genetic Development, RAS, Miniature Hereford Club and B+L.

PBB report included a discussoin regarding the end of Live Export and the potential of other breeds departing the PBB services.

Technical B+L, Dairy Beef progeny test entries have closed with 8 Herefords studs submitting nominations. R. Peacock considered  this a  good result. 
Beef Progeny nominations are still open but more entries have been received than they need.
Informing NZ Beef (INZB) - a proposal was put to government 3 years ago and has now had sign off.  This new beef project key initiative is genetic evaluation.
R Peacock felt the council needed to accept that B&L are going to run a 2 year beta multi breed evaluation using both pedigree and commercial data. B&L need to work with the breed societies to make the trial work.  It is likely to be complicated and messy initally as there will be 2 evaluations for up to 5 years. 
The board agreed to continue to have understanding discussions with B&L  with regards to the  evaluation.  No decisions are made – just finding out pros and cons of the project to find out if it will benefit breeders.  Funding approved has been approved for the project however NZH council will continue with discussions with B+L so they are in a better position to make strategic decisions with the breeders best interest at heart.

Semen Report A bull needs to be purchased to be sent to  LIC to replace the older two bulls.  Once the new bull is onstream they will send the older two to slaughter.  The council discussed purchasing the bull  through the open market during the Spring bull sale.  Semen marking committee will discuss with LIC and determine the criteria and start looking at bulls for sale.   

Finance P&L circulated prior to the meeting.  Income and expenditure tracking as to budget forecast. 
Colin Corney (Chair of Finance) and Posy Moody will start working on the 2021/2022 budget, to be passed in Sept.
Miniature Hereford club letter was tabled and a decision was made to reduce their annual subscription and joining fee as the club does not benefit from marketing and other services that NZ Hereford members do. Normal cow fees still apply.

Youth co-ordinator Becs Paterson tabled a Youth Report. The President congratulated Becs for running such a successful online judging competition and thanked the judges.

Hereford Prime's report was tabled.

Registry report was presented and accepted.

Semen report was tabled and accepted with the second semen bull entering LIC quarantine. The recent positive results regarding NZHA Cooper's sire, Limehills Streaker 150368, from the BLG report was to be shared. 

Marketing report was tabled with council agreeing to the general manager developing a brand strategy with a marketing consultant.

National Sale Bidr sent through statistics which show 244 people watched the 2021 National Sale online. The 2022 National Sale was discussed with Chair of Sales agreeing to table a detailed report at the next meeting, however in principle a similar format was agreed, once again using on line judging, at the same venue with the addition of a small heifer class. 

Other business NZ office will work in collaboration with some clubs to set dates and venues for the Spring Membership days which will be a mix of educational and social. Current suggestion is to hold two membership days in the South Island and two in the North Island.

Gus McLachlan and Hillary Cooper Judging at the NZ Hereford Youth Development Forum. Gus recently won the NZ Hereford Youth Online Judging Competition and Hillary came 2nd.

NZ Hereford Youth Online Judging Competition

At the end of June NZ Hereford Youth held its first online judging competition with great success.

Congratulations to 35 participants for getting involved and to all the mentors out there who helped them out. 

Well done to Gus McLachlen on 1st place, Gus is just 13 and has big future. It was awesome to see so many who attended the Development Forum earlier this year doing so well.

Thanks to Stuart and Maria Robbie for taking the time to judge the competition and Waikaka Genetics for the use of their heifers and the filming by Steph.


1st Gus McLachlan
2nd Hillary Cooper
3rd Lisa Bonenkamp
4th Mikayla Molloy
4th Leora Werner
5th Lucy Mclachlan

NZ Hereford Youth Development Forum.

​The 2022 Development Forum will be held in the Lower North Island from the 21 - 24 April. More Details including accommodation venues will be out in November. Watch this Space

A very warm WELCOME to new NZ Hereford Members

Breeding Members

Paul Garrett        Te Awamutu       TWIN FALLS
Martin Peedle      Warkworth         OMAHA
Stewart & Julia Eden, Gore           FERMOY

Miniature Breeding

Kellie Menzies, Morrinsville           OAKS END

Associate Member

Ian Stewart, Warkworth     

Youth Non-Breeding            

Dillon Stewart, Warkworth
Sinead Stewart, Warkworth

EBV Herd reports - Breeders that submit performance data for a monthly group run will receive an updated EBV herd report. Breeders can request a printed hard copy of this report from Registry once a year or can view and/or save it from Internet Solutions by clicking "Download Files" after logging in. This is a useful report to see how your herd is tracking and how your individual animals are performing in your herd, to assist with your genetic selection. These reports will not automatically be sent.
For those breeders who have upcoming sales, please remember to send in stud transfers ASAP to avoid any late transfer fees. NZ Herefords will be monitoring the 30-day transfer rule for animals sold. 
Remember all sires used must have a DNA profile in order to register any calves by them. NZ Herefords recommends also having them sire verified and tested for genetic defects.
Please note new rule - All joining sires born after 1st Jan 2019 must be sire verified using a minimum of a 50K SNP test and NZ Herefords council recommend that best practice would be to verify the dam as well.
For more information please visit:
If you have imported Semen, please check that imported sires/semen has been registered in NZ prior to completing your calf registrations. If semen has been purchased through a genetics company, please request that they send the required documentation to NZ Herefords Registry in order to complete the registration.
All the best to everyone for the sale season ahead!
Kind regards  
Samantha Brosnahan 
DDI: 06 323 0865

Southern Breeders required to assist with

Lincoln University IMF research.

The cost of the scanning will be paid by Lincoln University, but the breeder will be required to:

1) bring the stock in and assist with scanning
2) collect small blood samples onto cards at scanning.

If you are interested and feel you could help with this important research project, contact Professor Jon Hickford on Office: +64 3 423 0665 or mb +64 27 280 1285 or email: – Some tips for SNP DNA testing with Neogen and PBB….
  • Young calves can be BVD tested using a TSU/tissue or hair sample – there is no minimum age to collect samples for BVD testing however it is recommended to submit samples for testing ASAP (tested within 30 days of collection) for most accurate results. BVD testing must be requested with the initial test request, as animals can only be tested for BVD prior to genetic testing.
  • Hair or semen samples are accepted by Neogen, wet TSU/tissue is preferred.     
  • A completed Neogen DNA form must accompany all samples. It can be found on both the NZH and PBB websites. Complete the spreadsheet form electronically (typed), print a hard copy to mail with your samples and email the electronic copy to This way the order details can be merged straight into the ordering system (administration fees apply for forms submitted in hard copy only).            
  • Hair samples MUST be submitted on Neogen specific hair cards available from PBB for $4+GST each (administration fees apply for samples not submitted on the Neogen cards).       
  • For SNP parentage (sire and/or dam verification) to be run, parents MUST have a compatible SNP profile available to use in the analysis (microsatellite/MiP profiles are not compatible).
  • PBB can source existing hair samples from Massey for SNP testing if needed for $10+GST, includes cost of hair card + splitting fee.        
  • The PBB DNA team is growing! Megan, along with Charlotte and Sonya are available to help with your DNA enquiries.
Visit the NZ Hereford website for further information
on the test options available, pricing etc.

PBB DNA team – email

Quality offering met by strong demand at excellent two year old bull sale season

After last year’s challenges organising sales out of lockdown, expectations for this year’s two year old bull sale season were hesitant.

Increased bull numbers pushed the supply beyond apparent demand. However, the market response was vigorous. Time after time we saw three year’s science, skill and hard work expressed on a single day as Hereford studs nationwide put their best foot forward. Enthusiastic breeders and commercial farmers generated heavy demand for quality animals with IMF: buyers are prepared to invest in a product they know will generate good returns.

Online activity took the season to new levels as New Zealand’s virtual saleyard bidr livestreamed numerous sales, attracting followers across the country and in Australia. Thirty Hereford bull sales turned over $4.8 million, selling 624 lots at an average of $7,707 for an 84 per cent clearance.

Congratulations to our Hereford clients: this was an exceptional result.

Next up is the yearling bull sale season, from September. With more yearlings on offer every year the pressure is on to stand out from the rest: have your bulls’ semen tested, ensure you offer calving ease for the dairy market, and find your marketing point of difference. Those studs that go the extra mile will achieve the most satisfactory results.

You will have received your Grey 2021 calving notebook in the post recently. If you require extras, please let Christine (office or Samantha ( know and we will send you one.

Docility Trait
As mentioned previously NZ Herefords strongly recommend you score for docility. While the scores do seem to flucuate a little at the moment the more people record the score, the more realiable the score will be and the less it will fluctuate.  This years calving books have a docility scoring colum to assist your recording. 
  • Docility scoring need to be taken at a young age, ie at or before weaning.
  • Human intervention has had an impact on the docility of an animal if you leave scoring until you scan which had been a previous recommendation.
  • In bigger herds, the issue of the score being subjective rather than objective, will be greatly reduced by the number of scores taken.
  • As long as there are plenty of progeny per sire, scored consistently by one person on the farm, then the figures should be reliable.
For more information refer to the tip sheet and click on the link to the NZ Herefords website for scoring range. It is recommended by breeders who have been recording docility for a number of years, to use the yard test as opposed to the crush test  in order to get the spread. Refer to the link. .
Calving difficulty should be measured at birth using a 1-6 scale as per the TIP SHEET found here.
NOTE that a blank score will not be interpreted as “unassisted”. Instead, it indicates that calving difficulty was not scored.

Calving difficulty scores is one of the three main sources of information, to create the Calving Ease EBV. The other two are birth weights and gestation length records. Calving difficulty scores are by far the most important of these sources.

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