Spring - A Time of Growth

March 9, 2017

We were recently reading through Ecclesiastes, and were reminded again, that there truly is a season for everything.  Spring is a time of growth, renewed strength and hope.  And we are feeling all those things in the last couple weeks.

Who We Are

We are newly appointed Assemblies of God missionaries to the country of Slovenia. Slovenia is a country in South East Europe, with a population of 2 million people, and approximately 1000 (0.5% of the population) Evangelical Christians.  There are currently no Assemblies of God missionaries to this country, and we are so honored and humbled to be answering God's call to Slovenia.  We are currently itinerating, which means we are visiting churches, and meeting with people to tell them about our heart for Slovenia, in the hope that they will partner with us in prayer, encouragement and financial support.  We have a monthly budget that we have to raise before we can get clearance to go.  Our first term in Slovenia will be for 3 years, during which we will be attending language school full-time, while partnering with the local Slovenian Pentecostal movement to help inspire church development and revitalization and trying to integrate into as much of the culture as we can.

Where We Are At

We ended the year at 50%, and as of right now are already at 63%! That is incredible growth, and we are so thankful!  We are praying and believing to be fully funded by August 1st.

Family News

We are sad to say that Abigail's grandfather passed away last month.  He had been unwell for quite some time, and we are thankful that he is no longer in pain, and that he is with his Heavenly Father.  We were all able to fly to Springfield, Missouri for the funeral.  Although the occasion was sad, we were glad to see family, even if it was just for a couple days.


We've been blessed to visit many churches in the past couple of months!  We attended a missions convention, where they served Eastern European food, as a nod to our future home.  Everyone has been very encouraging and generous!  

Thank You

Our biggest praise report recently, is that the youth group from City Church in Sanford, WideOpen is raising $5000 dollars for our plane tickets to Slovenia!  What a huge undertaking!  We are so thankful for your sacrifice!  We also just found out last week, that PFYouth has already raised the money for our Speed the Light vehicle!  This means, that as soon as we arrive in Slovenia, we will be able to purchase a safe and reliable vehicle for our family.  All of the funds given by Speed the Light to missionaries is raised by teenagers across the US.  What an amazing ministry!  Thank you so much!

This Edition's Aidan-isms

Since our last newsletter, Aidan has turned 3!  He still loves traveling and staying in hotels, which is a huge blessing!  This past month, a pastor asked Aidan if he was going to "Slo-vay-nia", to which Aidan responded, "no, I'm going to Sloveeeenia".  He also retold the story of Jonah to a nursery worker, except in his version Jonah got swallowed by a fish, and then a squid, and then a shark, and then an alligator.  Who knew Jonah's day could've been worse?

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