Hell Yeah Weekly Issue No. 25
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This week's roundup of stuff to stuff your dome with:
  1. Why You Need Year-End Tax Planning (with Your Accountant)
  2. Banking biometrics: hacking into your account is easier than you think. As if we didn't have enough  tech advancements to freak us out.  "HSBC has opted for technology that cross checks 100 unique characteristics of a person’s voice — including speed of delivery, natural cadence or pronunciation — as well as certain physical aspects that listeners cannot discern, such as the shape of the customer’s larynx or their nasal tracts."
  3. Related: How to encrypt your entire life in less than an hour. The un-paranoid guide to security.
  4. Elon Musk calls for universal income after robots take human jobs. Should we care what this guy thinks? I do, but it might be because he reinforces ideas that intrigue me.
  5. Quit Social Media. Your Career May Depend On It. "The idea of purposefully introducing into my life a service designed to fragment my attention is as scary to me as the idea of smoking would be to an endurance athlete, and it should be to you if you’re serious about creating things that matter."
  6. How Furniture Makers Are Catering to Millennials and the Implications of the Silicon-Valley Mindset.
  7. Narrative Science is a company that creates robots that write articles. The company's co-founder predicts that 90% of journalism will be written by computer by 2030. WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK?! Our economic system and capitalism as we know it are blowing up. I'm fascinated and curious to witness how the world will change and how our economic systems will respond.

The illustration above is by Blood Brothers.

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