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Hey folks 👋 this week, we're going to explore how each of us can future-proof our skills to set up career longevity and how this philosophy can be used in a modern learning and performance function too.

The future of work must be hands down one of the most significant trending searches and phrases over the last 2 years. Since the pandemic, everyone and their dog has become a future of work expert. Funny really because no one can predict the future, right?

I don't want to add to this with even more random proclamations of what could be.

Instead, I want to focus on how each of us (no matter our careers right now) can work on future-proofing our skills so that come whatever may, we'll each be ready to navigate whatever the world of tomorrow looks like.

The below is a sort of philosophy that I use with those I mentor, my own L&D team and across the variety of organisations that I've been able to work with.

I hope it can help you too.

Also, not forgetting the usual dose of weird, wonderful and what I hope is helpful content from the rest of planet earth in my curated roundup.
The big thought

I've read so many articles with many proclaiming what the future of work will be, but very little on how we can all navigate it.

It's exciting to think about what could be. Yet, also alarming in knowing how one prepares for such events or any events for that matter. I want to focus on what each of us can do in preparing for our own futures, no matter what life has in store for us.

You don't need me to tell you how the world of careers has rapidly changed over the last few decades, and even more so from the last few year's events. A job and even a career for life are hard to imagine for any of us in today's world.

Hearing this sort of thing can be scary, I get it. Yet, I find comfort in exploring how we can navigate our future careers, regardless of what they may be. And I believe the best weapon we have in this is our skills.

I've always been a big advocate of recognising skills, not job titles and even more to this day I understand that it is your skills that pay the bills.

So, let's talk about how we can, in some way, future-proof our skills for career longevity.

The formula

Much like we get regular health checkups, I believe we need skills health checks too.

A tool which I picked up from a research company about 7 years ago and continue to build upon is something I've coined as the future-fit skills model.

I want you to imagine that your skills are like an evolving jigsaw puzzle, where you can swap out pieces at any time to create the skills that you need today.

We all need to build a talent stack which enables lifelong employability and the key to this is to continue investing in your skills to be future fit.

Make it a quarterly task to reflect on your skills and ask yourself:

1. What skills are expiring in my field of work?

2. What skills do I need to evolve i.e get better at?

3. What are the emerging skills in my industry?

It’s a simple framework but one which will help you focus on the actions you need to take to be ready for today and tomorrow.

The aim is to align your mindset to assess, build and use your skills often. Keep yourself sharp with self-assessment and put everything into practice. This allows you to discard what is no longer useful, focus on what can make you better and see what’s on the horizon.

I do this x2 - 4 times a year and has been a game-changer for me. Maybe it can help you too 👀

Notes on lifelong employability?

This is a difficult topic and of course, I don’t have the answers, no one does.

Our adaptability to the world in whatever way it evolves through this will be key to how all of us can continue building our careers.

You know my thoughts on this by now, invest in your skills and you will unlock ongoing opportunities in your career, no matter which path you choose. This concept of being future fit connects to my view on what modern organisations need today in their people.

We cannot really upon a workplace to invest in our skills for us. It is in our own hands to discover what we need and drive our way to obtain it.

If you're curious about what I believe modern organisations should look for in people. Then take a look at a visual I shared on LinkedIn below ⬇️.
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One more thing...

"It’s supposed to be hard. If it wasn’t hard, everyone would do it. The hard… is what makes it great.”


That's it for this week. Please do share your thoughts with me on these pieces or anything I share on the Twitterverse and LinkedIn. Chat to you soon and stay healthy people!

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