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Hello COCO Community! Our game recommendations this week are Geometric Creations and Juice-Water Problem. These games develop Geometry, Measurement and Logic. Thank you to everyone who referred a friend! The winner of a cool eeBoo puzzle will receive an email from us shortly.  We will draw another winner on March 5th, so keep referring friends for more chances to win!

Have a great week!
Maryrose & Beth

Geometric Creations (ages 3-9)

Play dough
Straws or Toothpicks
Note: I've done this activity with fourth graders and with my toddler.  Both ages had a great time, but my toddler definitely needed supervision and assistance!

1. Roll play dough into small balls.
2. Press toothpick or straw end into the play dough ball.
3. Continue to connect edges together with play dough balls to form two- or three-dimensional shapes.
4. Create regular or irregular shapes, prisms, pyramids, and free-form creations.
5. Discuss with child about the process.  

Make it more challenging:
  • Ask child to count the vertices, edges and faces.
  • Use a protractor to measure the angles in the shape. Make regular shapes when possible.
  • Sort shapes by attributes (number of edges and vertices, pyramids vs. prisms, 2D vs. 3D).
Juice-Water Problem (Ages 8+)

two identical drinking glasses
1 cup juice (better if it has a color)
1 cup water 

1. Fill a glass with the juice and the other glass with the water.
2. Take a tablespoon of juice and put it in the water glass, then stir.

3. Take a tablespoon from the glass of water and put it in the juice glass, stir.
4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 again.
5. Ask, "Is there more juice in the water glass than there is water in the juice glass? Is there the same amount in each?"

Make it more challenging:
  • Children might think they have the answer without really knowing, so encourage child to explain thinking and really prove it.
  • Have child show the percent of water and juice in each cup after each transfer.
Math Explorers

Is your child a math explorer? This kiddo is playing with pattern blocks and developing an early understanding of fractions and geometric relationships.

We'd love to hear how your child is exploring, playing and learning!

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