Liquor Application Notification

The Melville Residents’ Association would like to bring the following Liquor Application to the attention of the Melville Community:

Applicant Name:  Pablo Eggs Go Bar (PTY) LTD
Intended Trading Name: Pablo Eggs Go Bar
Address & Location: Shop 1 & 2 7th Street, Corner 1st Avenue, Melville
Type of Licence: Restaurant
Agent for Pablo Eggs Go Bar (PTY) LTDs
Otto Wolf

A copy of the application form is available for download: Pablo Eggs Go Bar

Application date:  02 March 2016
Closing Date for Objections: 29 March 2016 at 15:00

For more information regarding this application as well as objection information please refer to the MRA Website -

Summary of the MRA Liquor Licence Application policy

1. The MRA Committee aims to inform all residents of all liquor licence applications to allow them to oppose the application should they wish to.

2. The MRA Committee will as a matter of process oppose all liquor licences in order to engage with the applicant.

3. The licence will be reviewed in terms of the type of licence and the impact on the community and the MRA Committee will engage to ensure the licence cannot be transferred to a new owner at a later stage.

4.The MRA Committee will assist, where possible, the community to submit their objections and will consolidate the reasons for objections.

5. Where the owner of the establishment applying for a licence and the MRA Committee come to an agreement (which is signed and presented to the Liquor Board) where the owner agrees to abide by the reasons for the objections, the MRA Committee may withdraw their objection.

For the full policy please visit -