Newsletter #1                                                                                                  December 2015

Dear <<First Name>>,
Welcome to the first MRA Newsletter!

As the year comes to a close, I'd like to take the opportunity to touch base with you as resident as to what we as a committee have achieved since elected in July 2015.

It has been a busy year of consolidation and getting some of the basics right for the MRA Committee.

Some of the areas we have made great strides in this year are:
  • A complete re-branding of the association and a massive improvement to our website;
  • An improvement in the way people can sign up, new membership fee structure and also the way people pay their membership;
  • Clearer communication on where the MRA committee is focusing our attention and budget spend;

We look forward to a great 2016 with even further advancements in the way we assist and work with residents to ensure the Melville residents interests and needs are being further advanced.

Stay in-touch with the latest news and events via our Website and like our Facebook page.

If you are traveling, please travel safely, and we all wish you a blessed festive season and a great start to 2016.

Happy Holidays!

Eric van Gils
MRA Chair


2015/2016 MRA Committee

It is long overdue but get to know your 2015/2016 MRA Committee Members and their assigned portfolios by browsing their profiles on our website.


We would urge all Melville residents to please support, and where you are a member already continue supporting, the Melville Residents Association through your payment of membership fees.

We have streamlined the sign up process as well as the fee structure.

You can get insight into how we are spending the fees, and where the MRA committee is focusing their attention.

All the new details of our fees are available on our website

The 1st ever Association vs Resident Pub Quiz took place on 01 December 2015, with Team MRA + MSI combining their efforts to walk away as winners against formidable or rather die-hard pub quiz regulars & resident teams!

A big shout out to Nunos Restaurant Melville for putting up with us, a special word of thanks to the Pub Quiz Host Charles Visser, aka the "Bearded Lady" that kept us entertained till the very end!

Liquor Updates

It is the aim of the MRA to inform all residents & businesses of any liquor applications for premises made for Melville and immediate suburbs via our website, social media and also email.

In terms of the MRA's practice, all liquor licence applications will be opposed in order to engage with the applicant to discuss their concerns regarding the application in terms of:
  • Type of Licence;
  • Venue;
  • Operating Hours;
  • Noise;
  • Transferability of licence;
  • The Impact on Melville Residents
If an agreement is reached, the MRA will produce a document stating what has been agreed, signed by applicants and will form part of application for a liquor licence.

The intention is to have a degree of protection for the residents of Melville and accountability from the Liquor Applicant, rather than our objections being overturned at the expense of Melville.

This, in no way affects a Melville residents rights to submit their own applications and be heard at the Liquor Board hearings.

For more information about the liquor policy, click here to be redirected to our website

During 2015, 5 applications for new liquor licences in Melville.

Giving back to Melville through Calisthenics

Photo Credit: Nicky Heymans
Calisthenic is a growing phenomenon. It is based on core exercises, using one’s own body weight as the resistance - a discipline known to be community driven, non-discriminatory and unbiased. It is a lot of fun and with dedication and determination, results can be achieved.

Roberto Denkinger is working towards constructing a Calisthenic Facility in Melville with the aim of teaching residents simple forms of physical training that is effective and can lead to more advanced moves or routines.
This facility can be enjoyed at no cost and will be a great way for residents to get to know each other while having fun outdoors.
The idea is to have a safe and social location with safe parking, food and drink nearby and toilet facilities, negotiations are still underway with Citiq to build the facility at 27Boxes.

Roberto is in the process of sourcing sponsorship capital to build and manage the facility.

Once constructed Roberto envisage:
  • Free weekly training sessions with a group of experienced Calisthenic athletes and
  • Quarterly competitions

For more information on this project:
Roberto Denkinger | | +27 78 619 3084
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