Thanks to all who attended!

StalheimTime truly was a jam-packed evening of celebration - thanks to all who attended, participated, and supported Kevin's last event with us. The memories will remain with us for quite some time....

Keep scrolling to read the first comments back from those who attended.

Danceworks and Kevin Stalheim eating cake with their hands

" I wished I could have teleported various friends into the hall to hear that live performance moment. " - Brendan Fox

Kevin Stalheim has left an incredible mark on the new music community. For first-time attendee, Urban Milwaukee reviewer, and local composer Brendan Fox, the StalheimTime Finale demonstrated the full depth of Kevin's impact.
Fox writes, "contemporary concert music in the twentieth century and beyond has a huge inherent capacity for playfulness, courage, participation and danger. All of that was on display at Saturday’s concert."
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GLOW tape and UV light in the Pabst Theater

An Extravaganza of Sound and Vision

According to Harry Cherkinian, writer and reviewer with the Shepherd Express, "it was the nostalgic end of an era with evocative performances throughout the night."

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Additional comments from dear friends...
  • "I don't think that I have ever attended a Present Music concert without having tears streaming down my face. Kevin has a way of programming that just pulls at my gut.The opening of last nights concert some would call cacophony. But it wasn't that at all. It was an ingenious mixing of all kinds of sounds and ideas emanating from all over the Pabst Theater. Every sound coming from wherever one's ear took them was so relevant to some important thing. It said so much. And slowly the tears began. I didn't care. I didn't try to wipe them. They were a part of my music experience..." - Ray Janusiak
  • "I hope you know what an inspiration you are. One of the reasons I took the chance on moving back to Milwaukee in 2009 was because you and Present Music were here. I figured if that was the case, Milwaukee couldn’t be all that bad. You gave me a community to be part of, and helped me create a value system that made sense to me. You showed me that audiences here can appreciate the quirky and adventurous..." - Jill Anna Ponasik
  • "Kevin, sorry I didn't get a chance to talk Friday night but loved the concert...I'm feeling very sad about your departure, but you have so much to be proud to. You created something really great, and how many of us can say that." - Bruce Murphy
  • "I loved what one of the composers said too, Kevin, in his testimonial, about all the lives you have touched with your work. It dawned on me that you also brought me to Milwaukee...and here I am almost ten years later. Still figuring things out, but happy that music is back at the center of my life in a big way, and so it felt like coming home a bit last night to be present for that concert. Thank you for selecting me as your intern all those years ago..." - Elisabeth Albect
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