God Speaks | 8 Week Journey Through Genesis

Beginning January 9 we will start an 8 week series through the 50 chapters of Genesis. Since this would mean averaging 6.25 chapters a week this will be more thematic study to look at how God has spoken to individuals. 
The Apostle Paul says that if we only have hope in this life then we would be more miserable than anyone else. This is because our very belief of God is in the truth that He is eternal and so are we. To believe in a God that is eternal we must first believe in a God who is present. This is the story of Genesis. 
If you would be interested in participating by leading a small group please let me know. You are also free to volunteer others. Just let them know that you think they would make a great small group leader and then let them know that you are going to pass that information on to Daniel. 

So, if they hate me after January, this is a picture of why. 
For the month of January it is my plan to ban Basketball playing on Wednesday nights. Along with basketball will be the absence (mostly) of games won and lost by physical prowess. Our group needs this. Maybe your child doesn't, but as an overall group this will help us. 
They may have a few minutes to shoot before I arrive for our time starting at 6:15 but that should be all. Curious about what we are studying and what is happening? Come and join us!

UPWARD Basketball

As many of you know we are starting our 20th year of UPWARD Basketball in just 9 days! Some of your kids will be playing and this is a great time for kids and parents to spend time with others. 
There will be a need for volunteers and in the past many of our students have done much work with UPWARD so I wanted to clarify a few things with you as parents. 
  • It is a privilege to have the kids volunteer and I very much enjoy this part of ministry. 
  • Volunteers will be held to a different standard and will be under supervision of the adult that they are working with. 
  • Some volunteers may be critiqued by non-caring adults (Think - referees, scorekeepers, etc) We try to shield them from this but it has happened on occasion.
  • If there are too many 'volunteers' at any moment their 'services' may not be needed and they may be dismissed from the stage until they are needed. 
I hope to have many of our kids keeping score, reffing games, and possibly even working in concessions. Please have your child let Daniel know if they are willing to help out in any areas.

January 26th - Youth Event


Upcoming Events Church-Wide

We have several things happening in the next few weeks that some of you as parents and adults may want to be a part of. 

Bible Story Training - This Sunday from 4:30-6:00 or Monday from 6:30 - 8:00
     Clint Bowman will be teaching strategies and tips for sharing the truth of Scripture, God's love for man, through Bible stories. I would highly encourage you to attend one of these opportunities. This will be instrumental in teaching your children and can be instrumental in sharing with friends and family as well. 

Prayer Walk Training - This Sunday from 4:00 - 4:30
     We will talk about strategies and purposes of prayer walking. More importantly, we will have two opportunities this coming week to prayer walk at two schools, Ruskin Elementary and Waycross Middle. This is a great opportunity for us to put our faith into action. Go, say hello to folks you walk past, walk, pray, and go home. 

  • January 7th | 7:45 AM | Waycross Middle 
  • January 8th |7:45 AM | Ruskin Elementary
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