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This Rosy Rebirth

Dear <<First Name>>,

I cannot recall how long I have been waiting for this week to arrive. Not only am I entering the home stretch in the most demanding work I've ever done since I began my Space Weather Woman endeavor-- I've been teaching two classes for Millersville University this semester while simultaneously writing them-- but our Sun has finally passed a milestone marker! We are entering a new era. 

We have hit many firsts this week, including solar flux climbing over 100 (it is at 110 currently) and we have more numbered regions on the Sun than we have seen for years. On top of this, we had our first full-halo solar storm launch of the new cycle. What is a full-halo? It is when a solar storm launch causes a complete ring to be seen all the way around the Sun in coronagraph observations. That may not seem like a big deal until you realize that these kind of eruptions require a lot of energy to be released by the Sun in order to make such a strong signature. Such energetic eruptions have not been forthcoming through the end of the last cycle. In fact, the last time we even had a partial halo (which is only a partial ring around the Sun) was clear back in April 2019!

So as you watch this week's forecast, count the number of firsts you see in our star. Although there aren't any Earthward-directed solar storms on their way, no doubt you will spot a change in the weather. This week in the USA we are celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday, which is a time to reflect upon all the things in our lives for which we are grateful. For me, that gratitude includes you, my extended family. It also includes the Sun. I am forever grateful for our star and it's cyclical nature-- a steadfast reminder of the renewal and cycle of life. In fact, that's what I was thinking about in the rose-colored picture above. I was comparing the current week's activity to that of just a few months ago and marveling at the rapid change. And this rosy rebirth, especially as we near completion of one of the worst years in our global memories, is a sweet and fragrant beginning.

Solar Flux Hits New High & Big Flares Possible Now | Space Weather News 11.26.2020
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