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Mars and Mind Ringing Like A Bell

Dear <<First Name>>,

Funny how the world works. I was reviewing my footage of Switzerland for a new behind-the-scenes "Rocket to My World" episode in my Patreon project, when I realized something mind-blowing. The screenshot above captures the moment. This shot is from the video I took while on top of the Münster Cathedral back in early April. Now it might not seem like much, but if you look closely at the picture, you will see I'm nearly in tears. What brought me to tears? It wasn't the view. It was what I was hearing.

Serendipity, it seems is not without a sense of humor. At the moment in the picture, the cathedral bells started ringing. A moment later the bells from other churches all over the city began ringing. The resulting bell choir was overwhelming, mesmerizing, and totally cathartic. You are seeing my genuine response to the song. 

What makes this moment so special is not so much my response at the time, but what I understand of it now. You see, while I was thinking about what to write for this newsletter, something quite magical happened. I realized that the recent Martian quake, which I highlight in this week's forecast, could actually be tied to the ringing of the cathedral bells. After all, the Red Planet did ring like a bell during the Martian quake. As I considered the whimsy of the connection, I realized that April 6th, the date of the quake, was during the same week I was in Bern. Without warning, I found myself nervously laughing at a ridiculous idea: Might this have been the same day? Sure enough, as I looked at the time stamp of the video, it read "20190406..." I stopped, completely incredulous.The day I recorded my response to Bern ringing like a bell from the top of the Münster Cathedral, was the same day Mars itself was also ringing. Honestly, I'm still in awe of this cosmic coincidence. It's truly a gift, and I'm honored to be able to share it with you. 

As for this week's forecast, we will continue to have some small disturbances from pockets of fast solar wind, but effects should be weak with aurora confined mostly to high latitudes. Poor radio propagation will likely continue on Earth's dayside which is bad news for amateur, shortwave, and emergency radio operators, but GPS reception should be better than average, except near the day-night terminators. About the only highlight we have in Space Weather this week is the Mars quake. But as you can clearly see from the picture above, the implications of this whole thing has not only Mars, but also my mind ringing like a bell. 

Spotty Fast Wind & A Mars Quake: Solar Storm Forecast 04-25-2019
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