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The Heavy Fog of an Angry Star

Dear <<First Name>>,

It is amazing how simple things can bring some much needed clarity. The other day, I watched as the Sun burned away the heavy fog along the coastline (see the above picture) and it dawned on me. With the new cycle ramping up, I forgot how easily our Sun can strike unfounded fear in the hearts of so many. Over the past few weeks, I've watched as more and more people are nearing panic due to our star. Some are calling for the end of the world due to the dreaded micro-nova they suspect our Sun will unleash any day now. When I ask them why they are so nervous, they cite the recent change from solar minimum and say, it's because of the continuing rise in solar activity. Surely Earth has never been so bombarded by solar storms as it is now?

Despite my initial desire to chuckle, I stop myself. After all, it has been nearly four years since our Sun sent us a steady stream of solar storms. Four years ago, public awareness of Space Weather was nothing like it is now. There is a whole new generation of people witnessing the rise of this new solar cycle, who have never known this kind of world. Many have never even heard of Space Weather until now. What doom and gloom they must be living under-- the heavy fog of an angry star. No wonder they are petrified! Standing in their shoes, I suppose I would be too.

Looking at the forecast this week, I realize the enthusiasm with which I talk about the Earth-directed solar storms must look quite alien to these people. Some have even suggested I must be crazy to smile and laugh at a time like this. But you and I know better. Far from celebrating the end of the world, we are celebrating our Sun waking up from a long, solar minimum slumber. But as we celebrate, I now realize that I too must work to burn away the heavy fog of fear that limits others from basking in the same sunlight we do. After all, our star belongs to all of us, and we all should be able to celebrate it together.

A Solar Storm Hits Head On | Space Weather News 07.30.2021
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