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Gearing Up for A Change

Dear <<First Name>>,

Yes, I'll admit I am a little late with my letter to you, but it's for a good cause. As you might already know, I went down to San Diego this week to give an invited talk at the American Meteorological Society (AMS) Broadcasters Convention. This is where many TV meteorologists come to learn the latest innovations in their field, so it's a real treat to be invited to join them. Its also the ideal place for me to demonstrate why Space Weather needs to be covered on the evening news.

So how did it go? Far better than I could imagine-- the response was amazing.  After my talk was over, I soon found myself surrounded by a large group of meteorologists. All of them wanted to share their thoughts with me about Space Weather, talk about their particular interest in the field, and find out when our formal training curriculum was going to begin at Millersville University. I traded nearly 20 business cards along with other contact information about the training program so they could learn more. The picture above shows just a few of the cards I got while there. Although I only spent one afternoon at the conference (along with a grueling 6-hour drive), it was totally worth it. The interaction proved that even TV broadcasters are taking note of our community. That in itself is a huge gift. It means that what we are doing is indeed working. We are gearing up for a change.

Turning to the forecast this week, the Sun continues to be reasonably quiet. The bright regions we have enjoyed over the past two weeks have disappeared behind the Sun's west limb. This is causing solar flux to drop back into the poor range for radio propagation on Earth's day side. Aurora photographers aren't faring much better. They only have a small pocket of fast solar wind to look forward to that will bring aurora briefly to high latitudes. The only real good news is that GPS reception should be improving even at low latitudes due to the quiet Space Weather this week. But if I have learned anything from my experience at the AMS Broadcasters Conference, its that one cannot judge how much things are changing by their appearances on the surface. Guaranteed our quiet Sun is gearing up for a change too, even if we cannot yet see it.

Noctilucent Clouds, A Sign of Solar Minimum? | Space Weather News 06.13.2019
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