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Double Standard or Double Down?

Dear <<First Name>>,

I was talking to a close friend the other day, lamenting that I did not know how to restart sending my newsletters to you after my more than month-long absence. He asked me why I stopped sending them in the first place. I said it was because I had always been able to provide uplifting messages in my emails, but with my family's troubles recently, I had not been able to uphold that standard. He then asked why should I hold such a standard in the first place? After all, everyone goes through troubles. His statement stopped me in my tracks. Why would my community not want to hear from me even though I might be going through troubles of my own? It was then I realized, my friend, Cornelius was right. We all go through troubles that affect us, that cause us to be less than what we believe to be our ideal selves. But that should not stop us from reaching out and connecting with one another.

So, with my heart in my hand, I am reaching out again. Humbled by the events that have transpired recently within my family, and fully aware that I chose to stop communicating with you rather than risk showing a side of myself that might be less than what you were expecting, I now see that was the wrong decision. Instead of upholding a double standard, I will double down on my commitment to you. I might not always be able to write poetic letters that inspire, but then again that is likely not the reason you signed up to receive my posts in the first place. So with that being said, please understand some of my future letters may be shorter. Some may not be poetic or even inspiring. But I promise not to stop writing. Especially, as this new cycle ramps up, I know you need me here to report the weather, more now than ever.

As for the forecast this week, it looks like the fast solar wind we expected has fizzled to a great degree. We've had some aurora at high latitudes, but at mid-latitudes, aurora has been rather fleeting. Luckily, amateur radio has seen a boost, despite the low solar fluxes. I have gotten reports of increased activity on 10 meters, which is welcome news indeed. On top of that, we continue to have new regions rotate into Earth-view. These regions are continuing to launch solar storms (including one more non-Earth-directed launch today) so we may have more activity waiting to reach out to us, just over the horizon.

Goodbye Trio of Sunspots Hello Fast Solar Wind | Solar Storm Forecast 05.02.2021
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