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The Sun Shines Brightly

Dear <<First Name>>,

After my hectic travel schedule over the past few weeks I feel blessed to come home and write to you, especially on a day like today. You may not know, but both my father and grandfather served in the United States Army. In fact, my grandfather chose this branch of the military because he wanted to serve his country. The funny thing was, he did not know how to swim. He figured (wrongly) that serving in the Army would keep him as far from water as possible. That was until he boarded the SS President Coolidge one fateful day in October during the second World War. Anyone who is familiar with that famous luxury liner knows that ship sunk after entering a harbor rigged with undersea mines. Not knowing how to swim, my grandfather cut his leg pretty badly on a coral reef, but survived.  As crazy as my grandfather's story is, it always reminds me of what our veterans sacrifice when they enter service for their country. More often than not, they make much larger sacrifices than they ever expected.

While visiting Xenia and the large amateur radio convention last week, I had the honor of spending time surrounded by veterans (see the picture above). Hamvention is home to many who have served in the military as emergency communications experts and so much more. They travel from all over the world to attend and I remember listening to many stories of courage and sacrifice that, like my grandfather's story, warmed my heart. So if you or a loved one of yours served in the military, regardless of your country of origin, know I am thinking of you today. Thank you for sacrificing so many of your freedoms to ensure we all retain ours. I hope the Sun shines brightly just for you.

As for this week's forecast, the Sun may be spotless, but its still been pretty sunny. A mini-solar storm brought fleeting aurora to high-latitudes over the last 24 hours. This solar storm along with an increase in sporadic E has also helped boost radio propagation in the northern hemisphere. In addition, old regions 2740 and 2741 are finally rotating into STEREO-A's view and they are still launching solar storms on the Sun's backside. Although the forecast I include in this newsletter is a few days old and only shows a hint of these regions, (I will shoot a new forecast tomorrow), it is quite possible these "veterans" of the Sun will also shine brightly as they return to Earth-view at the end of the week. 

Our Sun Dims After Storming: Solar Storm Forecast 05-23-2019
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