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As Perception Shifts

Dear <<First Name>>,

I always love it whenever I surprise people, who have no idea my Space Weather forecasting came to fruition because of my work as an audio engineer and studio musician. I had one of those moments just the other day while in my "Studio B" (see the photo above). While talking to a friend on zoom, who has known me for a long time but only as a scientist, they saw my drum kit in the background and were stunned. At that moment they realized there must be more to me than what appears on the surface (True!)  And the look on their face-- a mix between confusion and astonishment-- was priceless.

So why tell this particular story? Actually, as I finished this past week's forecast, I was feeling a bit despondent. We had just come down from a G2 storm from fast solar wind that was more reminiscent of the declining phase of Cycle 24 than the start of Cycle 25. What was worse? We were once again back to a spotless Sun. Ugh, I thought, as I recalled some scientists grumbling about how Cycle 25 might actually be very dull, with far less activity than previous cycles. Even though I knew that idea was inconsistent with a lot of markers we have seen recently, I couldn't help but get a sinking feeling. What if they were right? But then as if in response, four new-cycle bright regions began to emerge in Earth-view. I stared at the Sun, a look of confusion and astonishment on my face, and I laughed. It was at that moment I realized the Sun did to me what I so often do to other people. I should have known better-- not everything is always visible on the surface.

So as my perception shifts and my faith renews, I am including an informal forecast update for you. Its not quite as polished as my formal forecasts, but it should catch you up on the rapid changes we've seen over the past few days since I posted my formal forecast. If you "follow" me on Patreon or are a Patreon member you can watch it here:

Also, be sure to catch my latest formal forecast (below) as it has some amazing highlights from the recent G2-level solar storm!

A Bright Region Leaves & Solar Storm Wanes with a Mini-Storm Kiss | Solar Storm Forecast 10.06.2020
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