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Snowing in Switzerland

Dear <<First Name>>,

Imagine a gal from southern California, home of bikinis, sunshine, and sandy beaches, walking in Switzerland during a snowstorm. Pretty out of place, right? Last week, as I strolled through the snow during my daily 20 minute walk to the ISSI meeting, that was me (see the picture above). While walking, I laughed as I looked upward in mock confusion and asked, "What is this white stuff falling from the sky?" But in all honesty, I loved it. I hadn't experienced a good snow fall since last I lived in Colorado as a child. So in true California splendor, armed with pink aviator shades and a thin scarf, I wrapped up the best I could and enjoyed the soft, cold flakes as they landed on my skin.

Which brings me to the reason I didn't write a letter to you last week. Everything was such a blur while working in Bern, I never got a chance. Outside of co-leading the ISSI team meeting on stealthy solar storms, I also did my first successful green screen mobile forecast video. This was no easy feat!  Considering I used my mobile phone camera for the whole thing, I think it came out pretty well. The nice thing was, similar to last year, the ISSI team scientists agreed to do aurora cameos. The whole team had such a great sense of humor during the shoot, it was a total blast for everyone. (If you haven't yet seen last week's video, watch it here.) I plan to do a behind the scenes video on the ISSI workshop in my Patreon project that will include highlights from the cameos. I'll let you know when its ready.

As for the forecast, this week we have some unusual sights on the Sun and on the ground. An old active region returns to Earth view boosting radio propagation again on Earth's dayside. Aurora photographers at high latitudes also get another brief chance for aurora views this week due to a small pocket of fast solar wind. In addition, some of my colleagues successfully launched the aurora sounding rocket campaign AZURE, which gave us brilliant light displays in Norway. I included several captures of this in my forecast this week. As you will see, the surreal lights caught many unaware. It was even called an alien invasion by some! Too funny, considering I had been discussing the space weather forecast with scientists on the AZURE team while I was in Switzerland. (Their campaign was scrubbed last year due to bad weather, and now they were worried the aurora wouldn't last until the wind in Norway died down enough for them to launch!) Lucky for all of us there was a break in the weather. Finally, the skies in Norway were clear. But then, that is when it started snowing in Switzerland.

Space Weather News | Monster Region Returns & Alien Aurora 04.10.2019
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