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Back to School Timing

Dear <<First Name>>,

This is an historic week. I have just begun to teach the very first course on Space Weather Broadcasting. It has taken a while, but we now have a formal field of study in meteorology! Thus far the lectures have been a lot of fun and the students are telling me the subject matter is very engaging and provocative. Considering I am not only teaching Space Weather concepts, but also going into how Space Weather has been distorted and misrepresented by Hollywood movies, TV documentaries, and even space-science celebrities, it is no surprise to me that my students are loving it thus far.

As you and I know well, most people outside our community have no idea what living and working in space really entails. Generally speaking, a person's opinion on space been so singularly shaped by popular culture that I find I must tear it all down in order to rebuild something new. I literally take my students back to school to re-learn all things space. My hope is that when they emerge from this process, they will have a healthier perspective of their world and what lies beyond-- a perspective that includes a new respect for Space Weather.  

As for the forecast this week, we have two new bright regions in Earth-view that have kept our eyes looking sunward. One of these regions launched an Earthward-directed solar storm. This storm is hitting Earth now and has given us some nice auroral displays as far south as Scotland.  Of course these solar storms are still pretty weak, but it is nice to see Earth-directed activity continuing to ramp up as the Sun slowly wakes from slumber. Solar flux is also climbing. We are back into the mid-70s, which means radio communications are also enjoying a nice boost on Earth's dayside. Much of this is due to the new cycle active regions continuing to emerge on the Sun's face. It makes me wonder if these conditions might be here to stay. With this being the start of me schooling my first set of "Space Weather Broadcasters," I sure hope so. Honestly, the timing couldn't be better.

A Bright Region Pair & An Earth-Directed Solar Storm | Space Weather News 01.27.2020
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