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Big Flare Party

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This week the big flare party has rotated to the far side of the Sun. Solar storms are still being launched as evidenced by the far-side blast back on July 30th (see the coronagraph views on the left side of my picture above). Yet on the Sun's frontside, reasonably mild conditions prevail. I for one am thankful. This has allowed me to recover from the burst of activity we've seen recently, not only from the solar flares, but also from the massive amount of media attention we got during the mild solar storming on July 19-23. I am still astounded that one of my twitter posts went viral (see the image on the right side of my picture above).

But as all things go with our rotating star, this quiet period we are enjoying now, will not last. In the next few days we will see solar flux rise again back into the triple digits and the risk for big flares and Earth-directed solar storms will rise right along with it. In fact, as I write this, we are experiencing a near M-class flare from an unnumbered region on the Sun's east limb, which will likely be named region 3070 within the next day or so.

Turning to the forecast, the large southern coronal hole I highlighted in the video is just beginning to rotate into the Earth-strike zone now. As it does, we will see solar wind speeds increase, which should bring some decent aurora views to high latitudes. At mid-latitudes, shows will be more fleeting as the magnetic polarity of this coronal hole is the wrong polarity to give us strong aurora shows. Hopeful aurora chasers at mid-latitudes might need to wait just a little longer in order to catch decent views, but if the far side blast and the near M-flare is any indication, the big flare party will return sooner than most expect.

Goodbye Big Flares, Hello Dust Storm Season on Mars | Space Weather News 07.29.2022
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