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Solar Corona Fever

Dear <<First Name>>,

In this unthinkable reality we find ourselves living right now, I cant help but feel the keen pinch of irony. How strange is it that our star-- the life-giving ball of fire that caresses our face every morning with its golden rays of sunshine-- would host the most despised name at the present time for its atmosphere?

For easily over a month now, I have heard every sick joke imaginable attached to this creepy concept (and if any of you sun-lovers have friends or family affected by COVID-19, beware these jokes are floating around social media). For example, "The Sun's corona-virus is making me sick."  I've endured that joke at least several times. Here is another: "The Sun sneezed and now the whole world has the corona-virus". Or how about this one: "If the Sun runs a fever from the corona-virus, how could you tell?"  But I think the most unique of them all is this one: "Wonder if alien ships coming to siphon fuel off the Sun's corona will catch the virus too?"

In recent days, I find there is no shortage of people looking for ways to bring levity to these heavy times. I understand the desire. I too am feeling the weight of the moment. In fact, that's why I decided to share these stories with you. Its my way of coping with uncertainty-- to be certain we can rally together as a community and support one another, even as we hunker down in our homes, waiting for the proverbial rays of sunshine to pierce the dark, heavy veil we find draping over our lives. Although I do not yet know how best to respond to these jokes, I must admit, I now cringe when I see people drawing parallels between our star and this awful pandemic. 

In an effort to bring a little normalcy into your day, here is an extended Solar Storm Forecast. I take a little extra time this week to highlight the first long-duration flare fired from a Solar Cycle 25 sunspot. This small, yet noteworthy event should bring a smile to your face. Along with that news, I share some of the amazing aurora views during several solar storms we've had this month. Nothing like a little eye-candy to settle the mind and ease the soul. So as you shelter in place this week or stick close to your loved ones, know that my heart and my love goes with you, always. Stay safe. Stay well.

The Sun Flares for Cycle 25 | Solar Storm Forecast 03.19.2020
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