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Dorian Double Trouble Blues

Dear <<First Name>>,

I wish I could say this letter to you is all about Stevie Ray Vaughan and his blues band Double Trouble, but it's not. In reality I am talking about Hurricane Dorian making landfall during one of the biggest solar storms we have seen all year. This has got many first responders singing the blues.

From the field reports coming in, it sounds like emergency radio on the "Hurricane Watch Nets" has been tough to use over the past few days, with disruptions on both emergency frequencies (14.325 MHz and 7.268 MHz). These disruptions peaked on September 1st, during the height of the solar storm and while Dorian was decimating the Bahamas. Thus far this solar storm has hit the G2-level (Kp 6) twice, with storm conditions still possible over the next 24 hours.  Lucky for Florida, however, Dorian has been an extremely slow-moving hurricane. This means there is a good chance it will not hit the heavily populated Florida coastline until after the ongoing solar storm subsides somewhat.

Along with the emergency responders, Hurricane Dorian has me singing the blues as well. But in all truthfulness, my blues are for a different reason. Although I have been watching the television news and weather reports on Dorian for nearly three days now, not once has any TV reporter mentioned the Hurricane Watch Nets or the plight of the first responders during this solar storm. They have never mentioned anything about the disruptions to emergency radio, even though it is the lifeline right now for those stranded in the Bahamas. I cannot stress enough that meteorologists should be doing everything in their power to provide relevant information to the public about dangerous weather conditions-- all kinds of weather. You shouldn't have to hear this information only from me. Yet here we are, watching how Space Weather conspires once again with terrestrial weather to spell Double Trouble for those in Dorian's path. Once again we sing the blues, while the instruments of the mainstream news fall silent. 

Hurricane Dorian & Smart Space Radiation Medicine: Solar Storm Forecast 08-31-2019
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