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Peak of the Hurricane Season

Dear <<First Name>>,

My newest "forecast shortie" came out on You Tube today as we were passing the peak of this solar storm. As I feared (and mentioned on Twitter and on Patreon numerous times), we did reach G2-level storm conditions. In fact we remained at G2-levels for over 6 hours. This meant emergency communication over the amateur radio bands was non-existent. Luckily, it looks like the worst is now over. This is good news as several "hurricane watch nets" are activating as early as tomorrow in anticipation of Hurricane Florence. However, the bad news is the fast solar wind is ongoing and it will take several days yet for the radio bands to fully recover. Lets hope they do before this Category 4 storm makes landfall.

Since becoming an amateur radio operator myself this summer (my call sign is now WX6SWW), I have really begun to appreciate the extent that Space Weather thwarts emergency responders during hurricane season. Even though I do not live on a coast threatened by hurricanes-- Los Angeles hardly gets any rain at all, let alone a hurricane-class storm-- like many, I am beginning to dread this time of year. The concern worsens when I read articles published in reputable weather journals that talk about the intensification of hurricanes in the coming years. For all of our sakes, I hope that climate scientists determine a "Category 6" for hurricanes is not warranted (see the picture above). Until then, articles like this one will continue to make me very nervous. It really makes me wonder what the peak of the hurricane season will be like in a few years when solar activity begins to rise.

Again, a huge debt of gratitude goes to the Patreon members, who are making these "forecast shorties" possible. Frequent forecast updates such as these prove so critical at times like now. Thank you for helping to keep communities aware so they can stay safe. You are my heroes.

As always, if this extra mailing is too much, just drop me a note telling me so, and I will be sure to send you only the full forecast video and newsletter once a week.


Solar Storm in Time For Hurricane Florence: Solar Storm Shortie 09-11-2018

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