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Waves Washing Over

Dear <<First Name>>,

This Space Weather community never ceases to amaze me.  By now, you have likely have heard I have a close family member in the hospital right now. Of course, it's due to COVID. He has been on a ventilator for over two weeks, quarantined in the "COVID-wing" of a major hospital, where only authorized medical staff are allowed to enter. (There are armed guards at the front entrance, so it's clear they mean business!)  Straight out of an apocalyptic movie, this reality is nothing short of surrealistic. It is agonizing not being able to go visit him, or as often is the case, even get much needed messages of love through to his phone to help him cope with this awful sickness. I pray you have not and will NEVER have to know what this experience is like.

But while I wait nervously, doing what I can to aid the medical staff to get him through everything from a strangled distance, you have reached out to me, written me letters, commented on social media, emailed me, and even texted your heartfelt concern and virtual hugs. Like waves washing over me, I have felt your kind words and love pouring in from all over. I must say, I am so very humbled and overwhelmed-- I can hardly put my feelings into words. All I can say is Thank You. Thank you for being so kind. Thank you for your open heart. Thank you for helping me feel like my family and I are not alone in our struggles. I have passed on so much of your love and sentiments to my family members.They are as blown away by your generosity as am I.

Turning to the forecast this week, the Sun is busy sending bursts of fast solar wind towards Earth from several coronal holes that are rotating through the Earth-strike zone, one after another. I can't help but notice these bursts of fast solar wind are not unlike the waves of kindness and love you have been sending my way. So as I watch the aurora unfold this week from these fast wind waves, their beauty will take on a new meaning for me. I will see your kindness and your spirit in the colors, and I will know that despite all the traumas that we face in this world, I am so grateful you are a part of my journey, just as I am a part of yours.

Fast Solar Wind Coming in Waves | Solar Storm Forecast 02.04.2021
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