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Comets Sun Dive through a Ring of Fire on the Summer Solstice

Dear <<First Name>>,

Although I have yet to respond to those who wrote me back after my letter last week, I just had to pause and get this short note out. I wanted to write you, not simply because I have a new forecast up, but also because I wanted to be sure to remind you of a rare treat the Sun will be giving us in a few hours. We are about to have a unique solar eclipse! It has been 19 years since the last solar eclipse occurred on the summer solstice and these events are becoming more rare as time goes on. In fact, the one today is extremely rare, as it is an "annular" solar eclipse, which means the moon will not quite cover the entire face of the Sun, leaving the outer rim visible to viewers as a gorgeous "ring of fire."

Unfortunately, unless you live in Africa or in Asia, you will not be able to watch the eclipse in person. That's why I am including several links to online live streams of the event below for your convenience. Sadly, the timing of the eclipse is not the greatest for those of us in the western hemisphere. Eclipse coverage begins at the late hour of 10pm PDT tonight (that is 5am UTC on June 21st). However, the poor timing might be a small price to pay for what is sure to be an unforgettable show! 

The nice thing is that if you must miss the eclipse, we also have some sun-diving comets brightening our skies this week, which will be easier to catch. This includes the return of comet NEOWISE, which is about to come into view. It will be visible for several weeks and will be making its closest approach to the Sun on July 3rd. It is hard to believe within the last couple of weeks we have had the first big solar flares of the new cycle, a successful astronaut launch on the new Dragonship Endeavor, and now a ring-of-fire eclipse on the summer solstice-- complete with sun-diving comets. Even as I write this, it feels surreal. What could be a more auspicious start to the summer?

Solar eclipse live streams:
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The Sun's Ring of Fire Eclipse & Sundiving Comets | Space Weather News 06.20.2020
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