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Setting the Weather in Motion

Dear <<First Name>>,

One thing about the weather is that its a force forever in motion. Just when things seem like they will settle down, a new brisk wind blows in to awaken the senses and the mind. Today, I feel that force anew. I woke this morning to an email telling me the MIT Technology Review Magazine decided to run with an article on our community as the lead story. WOW. To be highlighted in the "oldest technology magazine in the world" (according to Wikipedia, this journal has been in existence since 1899), is no small feat. You can read the article here.

From the picture above, its an impressive spread. More than once the headline reads, "It's time to start paying attention." But this is the quietest time of the solar cycle, when the ordinary world thinks our Sun is just a light-bulb in the sky. Why choose to run such a lead story now? No doubt, it's a bold move, but it shows just how far we have come. Erin Winick, the author, also made a bold move when she decided to make the focus about us creating the field of Space Weather Broadcasting. But that bold choice might have been the very thing that made it a lead story. Her article is empowering.  It speaks of the future and it feels like a brisk, forceful wind setting the weather in motion. We have become that force.

As for the forecast this week, we have two bright regions returning to Earth-view and they are boosting radio propagation on Earth's day side into the marginal range. Also, a stealthy solar storm recently launched towards Earth is expected to arrive around June 8. In addition to some small pockets of fast solar wind, this means we could see mild aurora and GPS disturbances at high latitudes over the next few days. But these conditions wont last long. In about a week, things will settle back down to quiet, leaving us to wait for another brisk wind that will once again set the weather in motion.

Coronal Hole, Bright Region Oreo: Solar Storm Forecast 06-05-2019
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