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Weaving a Tapestry 

Dear <<First Name>>,

As promised, this week I am writing you a shorter letter, but hey, at least I am reaching out more frequently! Our Sun has been weaving a tapestry of solar storms, one of which is already hitting Mars and another is just now arriving at Earth as I write this note to you. In my latest forecast, you'll see how much of a challenge the Earth-directed solar storm gave us when it came to forecasting its arrival. The NASA and NOAA predictions of the storm's arrival time were very different and so we weren't quite sure exactly when the storm would hit. That the storm is arriving now, means it is more a direct hit and likely a bit stronger than the NOAA prediction indicated. So, aurora should begin to brighten sporadically over the next 24 -48 hours and we should expect amateur radio disruptions along with GPS reception issues on Earth's night side. We could easily see minor to moderate storm levels as well (Kp 5-6) over the next few days. 

Although this may come as bad news to some, no doubt the increase in activity from our star is most likely a welcome one. I for one, am greatly looking forward to seeing what kind of picture our Sun will weave over this new solar cycle. No doubt it will be as vivid and as enchanting as the tapestry I'm standing in front of in the photo above.

Big Flares Return with Solar Storms Headed for Earth & Mars | Space Weather News 05.10.2021
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