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The Forward Momentum

Dear <<First Name>>,

Every time I watch us return to a spotless Sun, I can’t help but give a sigh. Are we moving forward? Will the Sun ever stay awake for longer than a week before falling back asleep? But even as these thoughts pass through my mind, I pause and think of what has changed over the course of this past year: the reappearance of solar storms. Indeed, solar storm launches are on the rise. In fact, as I write this note to you, we just had a new one launch in the Earth-strike zone. It’s not a super strong storm, but it is partly Earth-directed. Of course this means my current forecast is now a bit out of date, but nothing could make me happier!

In a similar manner, our Sun also seems to be telegraphing its forward momentum by showing us one more feeble attempt at creating a solar cycle 24 sunspot. Laughably, this spot can hardly hold itself together before falling apart and fading back under the solar surface. (I highlight this region in this week’s forecast so you can see for yourself.) No doubt, we are witnessing the influence of the old cycle finally fizzling out.

So, as you watch this week’s forecast, don’t be too disheartened by the sight of an old cycle region. The forward momentum towards cycle 25 continues to build. As proof, one only needs to look forward to July 13 when the newly-launched Earth-directed solar storm will arrive. We might even get aurora views down to mid-latitudes. Now if only I can get a new forecast update done in time!

Sunspot Death Throes of Cycle 24 | Solar Storm Forecast 07.05.2020
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