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Fashionably Late

Dear <<First Name>>,

Who knew when the Sun launched an M1.6-class flare on October 9, it would set off a chain of events culminating in some of the best aurora views we have seen so far this year and some of the worst media fear-mongering we have seen in quite some time? Definitely not I. Back on that day, the Sun launched a solar storm with an impressive "halo" signature that captured the attention of the media-- in the wrong way. Sadly, this soon snow-balled into a doomsday narrative of a coming solar storm that was going to cause power outages across many heavily populated cities and disrupt life here on Earth. 

Although I did my best to calm the hearts and minds of many anxious onlookers, I could not reach everyone. So when the solar storm did not arrive on time and the media frenzy died down, I was secretly relieved. I knew the storm was still coming and I posted my thoughts on social media. Little did I know my innocuous tweet about the storm being "fashionably late" would rekindle the media's passion for hyping the storm. Worse, I had now given them the perfect catch phrase. Much to my chagrin, at least five different media outlets (mostly in the UK and Australia) ran with some form of the phrase "Fashionably Late" as a headline. (Yes, I know the road to hell is paved with good intentions.)

So, as I turn to the forecast this week, I have two forecasts to share. The first is the original forecast I posted on October 11, just shortly before the solar storm was supposed to hit Earth. Indeed, that was also the day I intended to get this newsletter out to you. But when it became clear the media frenzy was not going to stop, I decided to do a second (albeit more informal) forecast update to disarm the hype. This second, longer and more detailed forecast can be seen here:

So, this time around you get two for one! Indeed there are advantages that come with being fashionably late.


Direct Hit from an Incoming Solar Storm | Space Weather News 10.11.2021

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