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Greetings! It's been a little while, but I'm busy working on a few new WIPs. In the meantime, I've added another of my books, Game Night, on Booksprout! That means you can pick it up for free!

Game Night is my third LGBT romance novella. The setting: Alyssa has a crush on her business associate, so when Mia suggests a game night, Alyssa jumps at the opportunity. She's thrown for a loop when she realizes the game is strip poker... and the stakes are much higher than she anticipated!
All bets are off . . .

Alyssa has crushed on her client, Mia, for months. So, when Mia invites Alyssa over for an all-girls’ “game night,” she’s all-in.

But Alyssa quickly finds the stakes are much higher than she anticipated when she learns the name of the game is poker -- strip poker.

Alyssa must up her ante when she realizes she faces stiff competition -- and that there's much more to lose than clothing…
Go all-in with Game Night!

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Autumn is stuck in a rut. She's been on many first dates but is beginning to wonder if she'll ever experience happiness -- or a second date, for that matter.

When she gets a new phone, she receives a call from an "Unknown Number." The person's first words are, "So. You were going to tell me how wet you are." Autumn is stunned -- because the caller happens to be a woman.

Over the next few months, the mysterious calls continue, and the "girl talk" gets more and more personal.

But Autumn is straight . . . isn't she?
Engage in some Girl Talk!
You awaken to complete darkness.

You’re blindfolded, gagged, tied to a chair, arms bound tightly behind you. Completely naked – and completely helpless. You have no idea how you got here. Or where “here” is.

Unable to see, you listen instead. What you hear around you is both intriguing and frightening. Other women being punished – and pleasured.

All too soon, your own ordeal begins as three women take turns subjecting you to excruciating torment – and orgasmic bliss.

It must be a dream. Or is it?
Experience your Awakening!

The local minor-league baseball team is in need of an assistant. Eager to help out, Bridget jumps at the opportunity.

Bridget — or “BJ,” as she’s now been nicknamed — is quickly realizing that her new “duties” consist of more than handing out Gatorade and tallying scorecards. As Team Mom, she’s also expected to maintain team morale — at all costs. Does BJ have what it takes to motivate the Cougars to the championship?

It's going to be an exciting season...

Hit a home run with Team Mom!
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