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A newsletter zine about zines... how apt.

Long before everyone shouted into the void of social media to share an opinion, long before everyone and their grandma had a blog to share their niche hobby - there were zines.

Handmade, cut & paste zines full of artwork, poems and political statements. They covered the kind of topics you wouldn’t see in the mainstream media and since this was long before the internet, people made their own platform by hand-crafting their very own mini magazines.

Abusing your student card printer credits, draining all the ink from the family printer, finding a print shop who actually ‘gets it’, multiple paper cuts and pin pricks from sewing the pages together; it was only the most passionate zinesters who made their visions to life.
So what has sparked a major revival in zine creation?
We've spoken about how nerve-wracking it can be to share your creativity online before on our blog. Whether you're posting a picture on Instagram or announcing a new project on Twitter, it can all seem quite overwhelming. One minute you're sharing a tweet between friends - the next, your comments have gone viral.

Ultimately the internet still seems a little bit like the wild west.

The same can't be said for zines. 

With a small circulation of less than 500 in most cases, zines feel much more personal. Like a secret 'in club' for people who share the same interests. 

Be cause of this, the artists, writers, makers and creatives behind every zine feel as if they can share a deeper layer. They can share anything.
So what really defines a zine?
Zines are fueled by passion, so there's no topic too broad or too small to cover. Collins Dictionary defines a Zine as...

"A zine is a magazine about a particular subject, written by people who are interested in that subject rather than by professional journalists".

It's a derivative of magazine and 'fanzine'. So it's almost like a condensed version of blogging - but with a DIY twist. Something more tangible, that has an air of authenticity and rebellion.
But what's the point?
The point is to create spaces where creativity can flourish. Somewhere that people can go to hear a voice they wouldn't usually see in the mainstream.

Instead of posting art online, only to have it reposted without credit on a random Instagram account called 'ArtLover8392' - people can share their work with people who genuinely have an interest in something less disposable.

You can't just scroll passed a zine and you sure can't stop someone from publishing one. There are no gatekeepers and that's what makes the medium so special.

It's uncensored art and we love them!

In the following issues of Off Shore, we'll be sharing the people who make zines worth sharing. Great projects that have a real impact. We hope you stay tuned in!

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