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The Keanu Reeves appreciation revival is well underway and well overdue.
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Snap Happy?

People are upset with Snapchat's recent logo change. Here's the real reason why they made it.
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I Get High


The history of the falsetto singing voice.
Basically a study in why men sing with really high voices. Interesting though.  
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You Are Not A Brand


Personal branding is a big 'thing'.
This article explains how to communicate, be yourself, without selling out.
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A beautiful and fitting tribute to Toni Morrison.
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Fishing For Compliments

The fish tube is more than just a funny internet meme, it's a serious attempt to help save ecosystems.
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So Lonely


22% of millennials say they have 'no friends'. Loneliness is becoming a modern epidemic, but how do we sort it out for future generations?
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Well Well


Wellbeing has become a confusing barrage of conflicting advice. This article aims to cut through some of the myths and define some key truths to stick to. 
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